How To Find The Right Bike Size For Yourself

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How To Find The Right Bike Size For Yourself

When talking about a bike size, there are several aspects to look into deeply. The bike model, riding style, and height are essential in this place. When purchasing a bike, all these aspects will determine the level of comfort and efficiency you will receive overall.

In this discussion, we have a professional guide that will lead buyers to select the best-sized bike options for use. However, the general things to consider here entail an individual’s riding style. Let’s discover essential elements to mind in the selection process.

Your Height

When you intend to purchase the correct size bike, height becomes the first factor to consider. Before you get into the market, measure your inside leg and, more importantly, the height. Doing this is simple; you will simply require standing against the wall and make marks to ensure its level to your head. You can call on someone to measure to make marks on your behalf.

After this, it’s time to take measurements of your inside leg. You will still stand against the wall and use a book to carry out the measures. Hold a book between the legs and ensure it remains flat against the wall. Take measurements from the book level down to the ground. Taking such measurements becomes easier if you get a friend to do it for you. Some heights fall on the cusp of the market range. Use the measurements in the shopping center and let it decide the size of the bike to consider.

According to The Bike Wheel, the ape index is also important when selecting the correct size bike to use. The apex index is the difference between your height and arm span. This factor determines whether you have a long or short reach. Apex index is usually denoted as either positive or negative index. Negative index people should look for smaller bikes. A positive index, on the other hand, states means you require large-sized bikes.

The Type/Model

Here comes another factor that determines the bike size you intend to purchase. Apart from the type, your riding style is of great importance in this aspect. For instance, some riders need to make rides aggressively. Such people need to go for smaller bikes that maneuver easily through different terrains.

Cross country riders, on the other hand, need faster moving bikes. For them, they need to consider flatter and larger options to serve this purpose. You can see, both the smaller and larger bikes serve best in different situations. Your personal preference and the comfort you need are all that determine what to choose. Know what you are up to and make the best choice to get the best from your investment.

The Seat Tube Length

We aren’t yet done with the aspects you employ to purchase the right size bike. Usually, bikes get measured by the length of their seat tubes. Locate the crank arms, and there you will find a bolt that attaches this component. This where the seat length measurement starts. Such measurements differ from one model to the other. Some will measure towards the top, where the seat tube is met by the top tube.

On the other hand, mountain bikes get measured in their descriptive sizes or inches. Consequently, road bikes also get measured in descriptive sizes or centimeters. Also, remember that the bikes become longer as their sizes increase upwards. This is a clear indication that they change in size relative to the frames they have.

Stand Over Height

Lastly, the height of the frame from the ground matters a lot in your selection. These measurements are typically taken towards the top of your bike’s top-tube. Such measurements are denoted in centimeters, and there is a recommended height by the manufactures to prospective buyers. Experts recommend a clearance speed of at least 2cm between the frame and person.

This isn’t so complicated to calculate. Take the leg measurement and subtract two centimeters from it. Moreover, when taking the measurements, have your shoes on. This will provide a good clearance between the rider and frame to avoid injuries whenever you alight quickly.

The Importance of Proper Bike Fit

Most people rush through the purchasing process when selecting their favorite bikes. Anything new doesn’t mean it will fit your needs. Nevertheless, the price of a bike doesn’t determine the model is fit for you.

Fitting processes sometimes become much more complicated since it takes a lot of time. Most people will ignore it and pay for anything they get around. Avoid positioning yourself in a way that compromises your ride comfort. Instead, take time to carry out measurements of the bike according to the frame.

Take an instance, riding a bike where you struggle to get comfortable. Most probably, you will take time to reach your destination. Moreover, struggling to get comfort can lead you to a lot of injuries on the road. Therefore, take time to invest in the right size bike to enjoy a comfortable ride.


Choosing the correct size bike is the solution to a comfortable ride in all types of terrains. Above, we have alighted the elements that guide prospect buyers to make the right decisions in the selection process. Incorporate them and many others to get an enjoyable ride from your bike.

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