How To Quit Smoking

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How To Quit Smoking

Being mentally ready to quit smoking is an important part of succeeding and not relapsing. There is nothing good about, smoking thinks about it, such as the smell, the nuisance to others, the expense, and the health effects that it imposes on your body. Many people claim that it helps them relax, focus or stay awake, get rid of boredom.
When you begin to realize that smoking has no positive aspects then you are ready to mentally prepare yourself to stop smoking for good. You may ask yourself, “How do I mentally prepare myself?” Where do I begin? Well, I will tell you. The list I created below will help mentally prepare you and get you started on your way to a new you smoke-free and healthier too.

Below are some tips to help you prepare yourself mentally so you can stop smoking for good.

1. Pick a date to stop smoking and then stick to it.
2. Write down your reasons for quitting. Read over the list every day, before and after you quit.
3. Write down when you smoke, why you smoke, and what you are doing when you smoke. You will learn what triggers you to smoke.
4. Stop smoking in certain situations (such as during your work break or after dinner) before actually quitting.
5. Make a list of activities you can do instead of smoking. Be ready to do something else when you want to smoke.
6. Ask your doctor about using nicotine gum or patches. Some people have said that the nicotine gum and patches have helped them tremendously.
7. Join a smoking support group or program. Yes, they have support groups for smoking.

Remember, when you stop smoking you:

Examine how mentally ready you really are to make the changes essential to becoming tobacco-free, and then take the next steps necessary to reach your goal.
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