Pregnancy Yoga – 5 Great Shoulder and Hip Exercises

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Pregnancy Yoga – 5 Great Shoulder and Hip Exercises

After the Eyes, Neck-, Breathe Exercise stay in sit cross-legged (or other yoga sitting pose) and do some…

Bending to the side

Bend to the one side with deep exhalation, rise back to the center with a deep inhalation and bend to another side with a deep exhalation. This exercise stretches the entire torso and shoulders, helps digestion, refreshes the spine and waist. Carry out a few times to the each side.

Easy spine twisting pose

Twist your spine as follows: put your right hand to the back and put your left hand on the right knee. It refreshes the whole spine, keeps it as long as well. Turn back slowly and now put your left hand to the back and put the right hand on the left knee. Keep it again as long as well. Strive to turn your head too during the exercise, then receive the cervical in twist also.

Butterfly Seat

Touch your soles together and pull your foot heels to your groin. Try to keep your knees towards the ground and come near to down with every exhale. This exercise is very good for your hip, beneficial for mothers, it helps expand your pelvic girdle and preparing for childbirth. Stay in the Asana as long as it feels good.


Sit in a comfortable straddle, stretch your hands high and bend forward with a straight back until your tummy permits. It is also very good for your hip and pelvic girdle extension practice. Hold the position for as long as you want it.

Pigeon Pose (easy variant)

Always practice after straddle. Pull your right foot to your groin and stretch your left foot to back. Rely on your hand, keep your body straight. Keep the Pose as long as it feels good and changes foot. It provides the thighs and hips in the opposite direction and refreshes your hip and pelvic girdle. 

Relax few minutes of Pregnancy Savasana – in Tiger Pose.

Anita Eri

I’m Anitja from Hungary, Sivananda Yoga instructor. I got my diploma of Yoga Instructor in the Hungarian Sivananda Yoga Center in 2005, I took over exam success too on the “Postgraduate Institute of Medical” Health and Naturopath modules in the preceding years. I expanded my knowledge further in the Sivananda Yoga Center: Raja yoga, Meditation and Advanced courses, while simultaneously I studied in the College “Gate of Dharma” Buddhist philosophy and knowledge of the religion courses, especially Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation. There I met with my Love, who is my Teacher, my Master, my Religion too. We live in Worldwide with our four Children, that's why I started the online yoga support in my blog since 2010. My most important role is to keep the calm, this is my mission.



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