10 Ways to Live Apart With Love

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10 Ways to Live Apart With Love

Being apart is not easy when you are in love. Yet just because there’s a distance between you, that doesn’t mean the relationship will end. If anything, you can make sure that all that distance just pushes the relationship to the next level. That means you need to assess exactly what you feel and share it in a genuine and exciting way. Of course, there will be tricky moments in life, there always are. But if you start focusing on the things that really matter, that’s exactly what will make the entire experience well worth the effort. The same thing is true when you have relationship issues and you stay together, yet you feel far apart from one another.

Talk as often as possible

Even if there’s a lot of distance between you, a very good idea is to find a common ground and talk. Yes, talking often can make a huge difference and it will open up all kinds of new possibilities. Is it always simple to do that? Sometimes yes, other times less so. But you have to at least be open to discussing and staying in touch as much as you can.

Start flirting again

How can you live apart with love? Flirt with one another and show each other that staying a bit apart doesn’t mean your love is gone. Flirting is fun, it helps you reconnect and that’s what you really need in times of struggle and challenges. Is it simple? No, but it will make it a lot better if you know when and how to do it!

Go for family counseling

Counseling can be the right option especially if you feel apart but you want to push things and see them through. When something like this happens, having confidence in you and what you need to do can really set things apart. Is it simple? No, it’s not, but you need to realize that the more you commit to this, the better it will be in the end. What really matters is how you manage all these things. If you can’t do it alone, going to a professional can help.

Stop grudges

Dealing with any family issues or relationship problems is always a very personal thing. The last thing you want is to have any grudges. What you really need is to focus on the best results and really push yourself to the limit. Stopping any grudges can help you live apart with love. It’s a struggle sometimes, but it will be worth the effort.

Focus on the best interests of your family

When you have a child, things end up being a bit more complicated if you live apart. What really matters is to understand that the main focus here is your child and his/her wellbeing. That’s what you want to go for, and it will make a huge difference in the long run. It will not be an easy thing to achieve but do that wisely and it will be worth it for sure.

Bring intimacy back

Yes, you really need to focus on intimacy as much as you can. Closeness and intimacy are the ones that will bring back your relationship. Even if something like that feels hard to do, at the end of the day it’s just a challenge and you can deal with it. Is it hard to do? Sure, but you can definitely start regaining more confidence and re-becoming intimate. That can eliminate the issue of staying apart.

Stop being secretive

One of the reasons why some couples stay apart is because one of them ends up keeping secrets. A great relationship will always help you eliminate secrets. That’s what you want to focus on, you want to stop being secretive. Transparency can really make a huge difference in life and that’s exactly what you want to go for. It’s definitely a very demanding situation and once you know how to manage it, this will be well worth it in the end. Just remember to really focus on the things you love, and nothing can stand in your way.

Less drama, more love

The drama will keep you apart, so try to avoid it as much as possible. Let the other person explain himself/herself and just move on from it. Staying apart from one another is hard enough, bringing drama into the mix will just be more problematic. Take that into consideration and just focus on enjoying life the right way. Once you do that, things are better and you will appreciate the true results and value you can get this way.

Step away from technology

When you stay apart it can be easy to rely on technology for communication. The problem is that technology is just a tool, you can’t use it to replace human contact. And that’s why you need to do everything you can in order to remove it as the primary means of communication. Face to face contact is what really matters, and if you do that wisely it will certainly make a huge difference in the long term.

Stay alone for a bit and regain strength

A lot of people end up being stronger when they are alone. What really matters here is finding the power to push the boundaries and just move past any issues. Sometimes staying alone can make a difference, all you need is to be open to any solutions and move on as needed.


It’s definitely not an easy thing to stay apart and still love one another. But at the end of the day, you just have to adapt to this and move on the best way that you can. Once you start doing that, things will be a lot more different and the outcome will shine more than you imagine. Just take that into consideration and remember, no matter what struggles are there, you just need to believe in yourself. You have the power of living apart with love, all you need is to handle it according to your wishes and your own family’s wellbeing!

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