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5 Signs You Need To Consider A Scoliosis Brace For Your Child

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you already have a child with scoliosis, you’ll probably already know that the medical term is used to explain an S or C curvature of the spine. This may be caused by a genetic condition, like cerebral palsy or Turner syndrome, but most people suffer from idiopathic scoliosis, where a cause for their condition cannot be found. Regardless of the cause, most children start experiencing problems during the growth spurt that occurs just before puberty. This is why a lot of children are diagnosed between the ages of 10 and 15, though it is possible to receive diagnosis’ out of this timeframe.  Receiving a diagnosis for your child may leave you feeling alone and confused, but they are in good company, with 2-3% of the global population...


How to Teach Your Kids to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We all want the best for our children, but if we’re being honest, we probably aren’t setting the best example. Because saying and doing are two completely different things. We want better for our children than we accept for ourselves, but it’s difficult to inspire change when you’re doing the same old thing. The only way to really teach your kids to live a healthy lifestyle is through example. Set a good example for your kids through your own habits and encourage them to make healthy choices for themselves.Here are some powerful ways to teach your kids how to live a healthy lifestyle.Cook together You can involve your kids in the cooking process from about the time they start eating solid foods. Naturally, at this point, they’re more playing...

hearing loss

What’s Hearing Loss in Children

15% of adults in America suffer from some form of hearing impairment. That's around 37.5 million people. Of every 1,000 babies born in America, 2 or 3 will be hearing impaired. And around the world, there are 34 million children with hearing impairment. So it's fairly likely that your child could suffer some form of hearing impairment. Sometimes they are born with it. But other times hearing impairment develops in childhood. To keep an eye on this you need to know the answer to the question 'what is hearing impairment?' and how to manage it. Well, you're in the right place. Read on to find out all the hearing loss facts you need to know. What Is Hearing Impairment?  Hearing impairment occurs when part of the ear isn't working properly. This leads to...


How Cats Can Improve Your Family Life

Owning a feline friend is proven to make us happy and healthy. Cats have the power to boost our energy and create positive emotions. They are naturally clean animals and require less care than dogs, which makes them the perfect pets even for busy people with families. There are many studies that prove the benefits of cats. Read on and find out how cats can improve your family life! Social Support Cats will help you cope with the pain, no matter how big it is. They help people get over their loss more quickly and show fewer symptoms of sadness. This makes them the perfect social support pets. Cats are good companions that will remember the kindness shown to them and return the favor later. Benefits For Kids Growing up...


Healthy Ways to Boost Children’s Self-Confidence

Maintaining self-esteem and overall confidence is a feat even adults struggle with. Even the most self-assured adults don't always know how to handle everyday situations with calmness and positivity.    While maintaining a confident attitude is difficult for adults, self-doubt in children can be downright detrimental. Children who are overly shy or self-critical may be less likely to make new friends or try new experiences, which can lead to a cycle of nervousness, and even career and relationship limitations.    If you've noticed that your child isn't as happy as she could be, is overly self-critical, or nervous around other people, there are ways you can help as a parent. Try any of the following parenting tips to raise more relaxed and self-assured children:     Help Foster Realistic...

cbd gummies

CBD Gummies for Kids May Just Be The Healthiest Treat Yet!

What about CBD gummies for kids? As an adult, you may use CBD gummies as part of your health and wellness routine. You may be wondering whether your children can take CBD. Is it safe for kids? Many parents have made CBD a daily option for their children, whether to help with certain medical conditions or just as an overall part of a healthy routine.For many families, CBD gummies for kids have worked when other remedies haven’t for a whole host of childhood conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate CBD products, but the FDA has approved one pharmaceutical drug called Epidiolex. This medication is the first drug derived from natural CBD; it has been approved to fight rare childhood epilepsy. The...


Promoting Wellness at Home: A Guide for Every Parent

As a parent, you should be aware that promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle in your house is a responsibility you will have to take. One thing’s for sure, a healthy home allows your children to grow the right way as time passes.The way you secure the health of your family extends to how they go on living their lives outside the house. It’s for this reason that you need to use the right approaches to secure a healthier environment for your family.For that, follow the tips in this guide to help everyone develop a healthier lifestyle. Get a doctor you can trust The best way to promote wellness at home is to find family medical services that are right for your family. This allows you to...