Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise?

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Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise?

Swimming is the best form of exercise. It is a full-body workout; science says swimming three times a week can make you more active. Only a few other exercises claim to be as beneficial as swimming. Most exercises are specific to each target area, but swimming is beneficial for the whole body.

Swimming also has a lot of other health benefits; it is even good for the elderly who cannot do any other form of exercise. Research claims that swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy. What more would you want from an exercise? If you wish to stay fit and healthy without going to the gym you should consider swimming.

Workout and Weight Loss

Swimming is the perfect workout and weight loss plan. Because it is a full-body workout it engages your core and you can burn up to 400 calories per day with an hour of swimming. Swimming is known to use your body fat as a fuel. Which means you can lose weight and stay in shape with swimming.

If you are someone who doesn’t like traditional workouts then you should try swimming. Chances are you already know how to swim and it doesn’t put a strain on your joint which is why it is easier.

Great Cardio Alternative

Swimming is great for the heart, it is not the best form of cardio, but if you pair it with cycling or running you can get the perfect cardio exercise routine. Swimming utilizes lean muscles which help in building the muscles and also keeps the heart-healthy. It is also known to keep your blood pressure in check.

When done from an early age swimming can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since it boosts metabolism by burning calories swimming keeps you young.

Improves Sleep and Reduce Depression

All forms of exercise can reduce depression and anxiety, but swimming is especially known to do that. Not only a study claims that, but people who swim regularly claim they are less stressed about life and less prone to anxiety and depression. Regular swimmer claims it makes them happier. Swimming is known to trigger happy hormones.

Apart from that, many types of research and study back this fact and says people who do not swim are more prone to depression and anxiety. Swimming also is known to improve your sleep pattern. Since it engages every muscle in your body, it is known to make you sleep more soundly.

It Helps Bones Mass

Orthopedists claim that swimming can help bone mass and those who swim often have greater bone mass than those who don’t swim. It is especially good for women because swimming regularly can prevent osteoporosis in your late forties.

Swimming is also used as a part of treatment for osteoporosis, but if you wish to prevent it from an early age you should start swimming. Whether it’s men or women when they reach a certain age, they start to feel that their bones are deteriorating swimming can prevent your bones from deteriorating too early.

Promotes Flexibility

Swimming makes your muscles more flexible. Water has factors such as water resistance, buoyancy, and water temperature, and all these factors force your muscle to work harder than they do any other form of exercise. This makes them flexible and strengthens them.

These factors also lengthen your muscles instead of making them look fat and bulky. A swimmer has a more toned and lean body and that is what makes it flexible. The flexibility makes you less prone to injuries and helps you with other forms of exercises.


Great for Diabetic Patients

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that can improve insulin sensitivity in the body. It is not a cure for diabetes, but it can help with insulin sensitivity to a certain extent. Not only that it burns calories, decreases levels of fat in the body, improves metabolism, and much more.

All of these things are needed by diabetic patients as they have to watch their weight and other factors to stay healthy. If someone has diabetes type two, they are prone to heart diseases and swimming also prevents that. So swimming is a great form of exercise for diabetic patients.


Perfect for Pregnant Women

Pregnant ladies are fearful of exercises and tend to avoid them due to the fear of injury. Swimming, however, eliminates that risk and pregnant women can freely enjoy swimming without risking their baby’s health. In fact, it is beneficial for pregnant moms.

It improves blood circulation and oxygen levels in your body and the water makes you feel weightless, which is why it is excellent for pregnant mothers. It also builds their muscles and it also relives ligament pain which is common in pregnant ladies. It helps with back pain and builds muscle, which can really help women when going into labor.

Doctors often recommend women some form of exercise during their pregnancy and swimming is one of the safest because it doesn’t make you sweat.

Good for People with Asthma and MS

Swimming is known to strengthen your lungs, which is why it is great for people who have asthma. Water is denser than air so your lungs work harder and it makes them stronger and that actually helps in keeping asthma at bay or at least help with asthma. Doctors advise introducing your child to water from an early age to prevent asthma.

Swimming is great for people with multiple sclerosis because it helps in building the muscles. Water is known to make your limbs stronger and many studies claim that people who suffer from multiple sclerosis see a significant reduction in pain after regularly swimming.

Swimming is the perfect exercise, it makes you happy, helps you sleep, build your muscles, and strengthens your heart and lungs. It is great for people of all ages. In some cultures, babies are taught to swim as early as 2 months old.

Humans have the natural ability to swim because when they in the womb, they are in the water, which makes swimming even more credible as an exercise.

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