How a Healthy Diet Keeps You from Packing Unwanted Pounds

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How a Healthy Diet Keeps You from Packing Unwanted Pounds

A healthy body, soul and mind can lead you to a happy life. Undoubtedly, staying healthy is the most significant part of your life. It affects you physically as well as emotionally. However, in the millennial age where everything is fast-processed, staying healthy has become a daunting task. From the slice of your pizza to a muffin, the portion sizes have increased and the number of restaurant-goers is skyrocketing. So, the trends have shifted as people now consume more calories than ever before.

People tend to eat unhealthy food because it is cheaper, flavorful and easily accessible. Even being aware of the consequences, people crave for junk food knowing that poor nutrition is related to heart problems, high blood pressure, hosting depression, overweight and other diseases. That’s quite worse!

An unhealthy diet is going to gain unwanted pounds. Here are some points that can help you curb that pesky poundage and reach your ideal weight.

You are not Fat; You Have Fat

Everyone has the right to look beautiful and fit. However, people themselves have made it difficult and complicated by consuming unhealthy foods. We need to understand that extra pounds in our body can result in low performance, laziness, heart problems, depression, and many other diseases. A proper diet with nutritious food and physical exercises should be planned to attain the goal of staying fit and healthy. “Dieting is like any other skill—you have to buckle down and work at it. As long as you act in a smart, reasonable way, you’ll ultimately get where you want to be,” states therapist Deborah Beck Busis, a Ph.D.  coordinator of the diet program at Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and also a coauthor of The Diet Trap Solution.

Before switching from unhealthy to a healthy diet, always remember that getting slimmer is an achievement you must accomplish. So, a little effort and commitment can remove that extra fat from your body.

The Magic of Three P’s

Protein, produce, and plant-based fats are your assets for weight loss. They will help you from gaining weight.


A simple, yet easy and quick way of maintaining weight and losing unwanted body fat is the consumption of protein. It helps you in building lean muscles which result in improving your metabolism and reduce hunger. Adding muscles to the body makes you active and helps in the reduction of calories intake.


According to Caroline Apovian, the director of nutrition and weight management at Boston Medical Center, if you are eating a lot of vegetables, it becomes difficult to consume calories in huge quantity. Fruits also help in controlling your appetite as they have enough amount of nutrients to keep you healthy. People who prefer fruits and vegetables in their diet consume 308 fewer calories and do not feel hungry than the time when they do not eat any such produce.

Plant-based fats

The fiber found in nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, and grains will help you manage your weight. A research conducted on 38,000 healthy adults shows that the more fiber people ate, the lower their BMIs (body mass index). Moreover, studies constantly reveal that individuals with higher fiber intake have a lower weight. Quite Monk CBD, a natural alternative can also help in weight loss and lead you to a healthier life.


Water has Zero Calories

Water contains zero calories. This is an interesting fact everyone should be aware of, especially those who are working on their weight management, as water in the body is what keeps you going.  Not drinking enough water results in hunger or yearning for food, consequently causing lethargy. This ultimately leads to weight gain.

One study reveals that people who drink approximately two glasses of water before breakfast, intake fewer calories than those who do not. Drinking plain water can be boring for some so they can add their favorite fruit into it for flavor and make it juicier. However, water is the best supporter of your healthy diet.

Dairy Products Increase Satiety

Dairy products provide nutrition, calcium, and vitamins. However, they can also act as a source of fat. That’s the time when mindful eating comes to practice. The technique makes you conscious of how much you’re consuming your food.

Milk contains calcium which helps the body strikingly break down its fat. Also, yogurt is packed with protein and is good for your gut health. It ultimately makes your gut and metabolism happy, which reduces appetite and increase satiety.

Some of the best healthy foods supported by nutritionists and dieticians to control your yearning and help you avoid unwanted pounds include leafy greens vegetables, beans and legumes, dairy products, and lots of proteins.

It’s hard to shed down the pounds when fat has settled around your belly or hips. Don’t be scared of the scale. If you want your health transformation to last long, consume healthy foods and start cooking the meals yourself.

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