Pacific Resources International Is The First Company To Introduce Americans To Manuka Honey

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Pacific Resources International

Pacific Resources International Is The First Company To Introduce Americans To Manuka Honey

Mark Twain famously wrote, ͞Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.

Discover.͟With that very spirit of adventure guiding him, American businessman David Noll some three decades ago journeyed to New Zealand and soon found that the course of both his professional and personal life had been altered forever.

Not only did David marry a local Kiwi, but he fell equally in love with her native land – a country still sheltered like Shangri-la in natural purity and more than ready to continue sharing its life-affirming wonders with the world.

Today, David’s Pacific Resources International (PRI; is approaching its 30th anniversary and lays claim to being the first company to have introduced American consumers to Manuka Honey, which has been used by native New Zealand people for centuries and is known for its unique healing properties.

In addition, PRI is a leading importer of Clean Pacific Sea Salt, along with numerous other premium-quality health and culinary products all brought here directly from the pristine bastion of natural splendor that is New Zealand. An exclusive importer of fine products from such respected New Zealand family brands as Arataki, Nelsons Honey, Mossop’s Honey, Dominion Salt, and more, PRI is more committed than ever to showcasing how products from New Zealand can enhance both the health and palettes of Americans of virtually all interests, ages, and backgrounds.

In addition to its flagship Manuka Honey and Pacific Sea Salt products, PRI also includes among its wide range of products a recently-unveiled line of Honey, Lemon, and Ginger Nuggets along with a growing range of body and health care items and a popular line of Manuka Chocolate treats.

The Magic of Manuka


In her BBC News article, ͞Harnessing Honey’s Healing Power,” Angie Knox quotes biochemist Professor Peter Molan about Manuka Honey: “It works on bacteria, fungi, protozoa. We haven’t found anything it doesn’t work on among infectious organisms.”

True to Professor Molan’s words, Manuka Honey is widely believed to not only treat minor wounds and burns but to:

  • Help lower cholesterol
  • Reduce systemic inflammation
  • Aid in the treatment of diabetes
  • Help reduce ear, eye, and sinus infection symptoms
  • Reduce gastrointestinal problems

Hydrogen peroxide is a component of most raw honey and is responsible for the antibiotic benefits most honey provide.

Most types of honey also have components with antibacterial qualities, but only Manuka Honey contains methylglyoxal (MG), one of the key UMF (Unique Manuka Factors) qualities. Indeed, the higher the concentration ofMG, the more powerful the antibiotic effect, which is one reason honey producers have developed a scale for rating the UMF potency of Manuka Honey. Therapeutic abilities start with 5+ either UMF or Bio-Active. The advantage of higher grades is that less honey can be used for the same results for everyday conditions. For extreme conditions, a 10+ UMF or higher is recommended.

Not All Manuka Honey Is Created Equal

According to PRI founder David Noll, however, ͞In recent times, we’ve seen a plethora of Manuka Honey suppliers claiming that you need to have a 16+ or higher to get the job done for certain conditions although testing has shown that there’s actually no difference in treating these conditions when using grades between the 10+ and 20+.

In addition, many so-called Manuka Honey products are in fact packaged outside of New Zealand to bypass NZ regulations, which is why we’ve always cited the name and address of the New Zealand beekeepers where our honey is packed with a batch number.

The bottom line is that not all Manuka Honey products are created equally, and we feel a responsibility to help ensure that American consumers are experiencing the benefits of authentic New Zealand honey just the way nature intended.͟

Sweetening the pot even further, PRI also offers a veritable menu-full of naturally delectable gourmet native honey ideal for everyone from seasoned chefs to harried home cooks. Like all of the company’s diverse products, PRI’s Manuka and gourmet culinary honey are available online at, as well as in select health food and health product retail stores nationwide.

Every jar of honey has a New Zealand Certificate Of Analysis (COA)for purity and strength.

Move Over Processed Salt!

We all know the dangers of excessive salt intake, including high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease and eczema.

But few know how simple the solution is. All of PRI’s Pacific Sea Salt products are harvested from the pristine oceans around New Zealand, while also being naturally dried, containing no additives, and retaining all of the natural trace elements.

More specifically, PRI’s Pacific Sea Salt is obtained from the energy-efficient method of solar and wind evaporation of sea water. This all-natural, age-old process –only where clean oceans can be found – retains the key minerals that play a role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in balance for a healthy lifestyle.

As such, sea salt derived from solar evaporation of sea water is completely different from modern, refined salt which is primarily sodium chloride that’s been kiln-dried – a process that involves scorching salt at high temperatures in order to remove moisture and impurities in the ocean water. Unfortunately, it’s also a process that also removes trace minerals as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium salts.

The result:

A salt that’s been ͞refined͟ to within an inch of its life and is instead as far removed from nature as it is damaging to the human body – therefore making a switch to Pacific Sea Salt a natural choice in every sense of the word.

About Pacific Resources International

Sourcing Manuka Honey directly from New Zealand beekeepers since 1989, the Southern California-based Pacific Resources International (PRI) is an exclusive importer of both high-quality Pacific Sea Salt and an extensive range of Manuka Honeys and other products from New Zealand. PRI sources directly from the primary producers to avoid unnecessary processing and to ensure the highest quality ingredients. ͞Nature has been especially kind to New Zealand and it’s with great pride that we continue sharing the natural – as well as the cultural – wonders of this remarkable land with consumers in the United States and beyond,͟ says PRI Founder and Director David Noll. ͞No matter how many new products we introduce to the American marketplace over the years ahead, we’ll never lose sight of our longstanding commitment to making sure each and every product we import is the finest, purest, most beneficial and most authentic that New Zealand has to offer.͟ For more information or to purchase products directly, please visit

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