The Amazing Healing Powers Of Pink Salt

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The Amazing Healing Powers Of Pink Salt

All salts (even table salt) originate from a sea or salty body of water, but not all salts on the market today actually come from the oceans in existence today. What does that mean? Salts that are no sea salt are derived from underground salt deposits left behind by seawater at some point.

Sea salt is a type of salt produced from the evaporation of current seawater. The evaporation is accomplished by either open-air solar evaporation or by a quicker vacuum evaporation process. Some of the pricier sea salts available today often come from the slower sun-fueled evaporation method. When you eat a sea salt that has experienced very little processing, you have a salt that contains health-promoting trace minerals. (1) It also has natural flavors and colors that make it a lot tastier and more interesting to use for cooking as well as homemade beauty products.

Sea salt can be either unrefined or refined. I encourage you to look for unrefined sea salt which has more of its inherent health properties. Refined sea salt is washed to strip it of its trace minerals. You also don’t want a sea salt that lists “sodium chloride” as its main ingredient because this means it is just as refined as table salt. Also, beware of additives when purchasing sea salt. Unfortunately, some commercial producers of sea salt include health hazardous additives in their final product.

Pink Salt: Ancient Natural Healing Food

More and more people are seeking out holistic methods, natural foods, and medicines and utilizing natural salts seem to be part of this healing method. There are so many positive healing qualities of natural crystal salt. We find it in skin care, inhalers, cleansing treatments for illnesses, bath salts for detoxification and respiratory ailments.

Allopathic medicine has endorsed using salts for a very long time. One of the oldest and largest salt works in Europe occupies the royal salt mines of Wieliczka, Poland. It is here where a hospital was dug out of a salt mountain some 740 feet below the ground surface. This hospital has a success rate of 90%for those suffering from asthma, lung disease, and allergies. Now there are many underground therapeutic spas located in Germany.

Health Benefits Of Pink Salt:

Natural salt has a neutralizing force.

It can neutralize radioactive radiation just to give you an idea of its power. It isn’t just this power in the purity of air but also it’s healing effects or resonant vibrations that can activate our self-healing and self-regulating power. When our body is sick and lacking it’s natural frequency, for example from the depletion from chemo or radiation therapy, salt can bring us back into more of a balanced and recharged state. Thereby replenishing the body with its energy deficit. In principle, all symptoms of illness can be therapeutically neutralizing with salt.

Metabolism and Digestion:

  • You can drink salt and water (Sole’) which will stimulate your metabolism and digestion. Electrolytes are created which improves the body’s conductivity and stimulates circulation. In fact, Sole’ lowers blood pressure if it is high, and raises it if blood pressure is low. The primary attribute of Sole’ is to restore balance. I know that doctors tell us to stay away from salt but which salt are they referring to? For common over processed table salt this is a true statement but not for salt having in tact holistic properties. I speak about real, whole, pure crystal salt.
  • Sole’ is an exceptional harmonizer in balancing acid/alkaline pH in the body. It will flush out heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and amalgam, even calcification. Crystal salt breaks down molecule compounds. This is when salt and water is taken internally.

Salt Bath:

Now let’s look at crystal salt and it’s cleansing ability externally, as in a therapeutic Sole’ bath.

  • One would think salt bath as a bath that takes moisture out of the body but instead, a Sole’ bath maintains a natural, protective layer of the skin and the skin does not dry out. Sole’ baths are great to restore the skin. A Sole’ bath is so effective that it will allow toxins to be extracted through the skin (the largest organ of the body) by way of osmosis.
  • Meanwhile, when toxins are removed, minerals are absorbed through the skin. Taking a Sole’ bath is like taking an energy bath. Bioenergetic deficits are rebalanced. Our body’s electric current is charged up leaving us feeling light and strong.
  • A Sole’ bath activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and its self-healing powers.

This is great therapeutic qualities which come when taking a Sole’ bath but one big item not mentioned until now is its relaxing effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Bathing quietly allows for a deep state of relaxation which helps to regulate our breath and our blood circulation. This helps with having an extra ordinary healing effects through the absence of gravity. Mind, body, and spirit experience their fullest integration.

Written by Diana Ross:  E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.



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