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How To Lead a More Natural Life

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Everyday Solutions  / How To Lead a More Natural Life

How To Lead a More Natural Life

Do you feel that your lifestyle is affecting your mental health? Perhaps you feel permanently tired, drained and run down? Maybe you wish that your skin was clearer, you had brighter eyes and you felt that you had more energy to run around after your kids? Believe it or not, the products that you use to clean your home, your diet and even your personal hygiene products could all be contributing towards your sense of helplessness. If you long to lead a more natural life, then you can begin by making a few changes at home, and clean up your overall diet and lifestyle.

Go organic

Food is one of the greatest pleasures that you can enjoy on a daily basis, so when it comes to living an organic lifestyle, you will find even greater pleasure in what you eat if you follow your foodstuffs from garden right to your table. You can begin by making only a few changes to your weekly grocery shop, and replace your family favorites with natural alternatives such as lots of fruit and vegetables, free-range or organic eggs and even grass fed and free range meat source.

Choose coconut oil, or cold pressed olive oil also because these alternatives will make your meals taste great and provide a range of health and wellness benefits. You could also try to prepare one meal at home each week and involve your entire family, meaning that your kids too can discuss and discover exactly where their food comes from. You can also make a change by supporting your local community and buying organic, or from a farmers market. When you buy from local producers, you are helping your local economy too, meaning that fewer greenhouse gases are produced. Consider also that you are putting money back into the pockets of local growers, rather than spending your dollars in large chain stores or the supermarket. Eating organic and buying local has a huge range of benefits not only for the health and wellness of your family but also your local economy.

Simplify your life

well being

If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, then you can live a more natural life by slowing down and trying to make a few changes to simplify your life. You could begin by reviewing how much you use your cell phone, check social media, or watch the news, and try to reduce the amount of time that you spend switched on and tuned in for entertainment. Instead of using technology, try reading a book or taking a long walk to help slow your thoughts down and relax. Try and take pleasures from the simple things in life, such as spending time with family and friends or enjoying a home-cooked meal.

You could also try making your own jams and preserves, as this will ensure that you have full control over the amount of sugar and salt that your family is eating. If you feel that your life is too complicated, then you may also want to review the career path that you are following and try to make a few changes for the better. From choosing a job that enables you to telecommute to changing your position so that you can work from home, make sure that you put your happiness and wellbeing over wealth and economic gain.

Finally, if you feel that you are developing a reliance on substances such as alcohol or cigarettes, then it may be time for you to consider seeking help to reduce your consumption and find other alternatives to give you a buzz. If you are looking to break an addictive cycle, then locations such as The Recovery Village can help. Try practicing yoga or pilates to help stretch out any knots or tension in your body, and slow down your mind by stilling your thoughts and focusing on your breathing. You could also try using Mindfulness, a practice which promotes you living in the here and now, over worrying about events that have not yet happened. Simplify your life, and you will feel happier and much more content.

Start small


When it comes to making a change in any area of your life or diet, remember that you are more likely to succeed if you start small and remain focused. From trying to cut down on processed food when you go grocery shopping and living a more organic lifestyle, to breaking any unhealthy habits in favor of exercise and relaxation techniques. There are a few ways that you can make little positive changes that will have a lasting benefit and impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Be sure not to get despondent if you feel that you have a bad day and slip back into your old habits, as making any change can take time, and you will need to ensure that your entire family is on the side also. Remember that tomorrow is a new day, and you can begin again with your positive mindset and choices. So be sure to set manageable targets and remember that with determination you can make a change that will last you for a lifetime.

If you want to live a more natural life, then you can begin by making a few changes to your diet and the food that you eat. Consider buying organic and visit your local farmers market to pick up fresh produce that will also support your local economy. Make sure that you choose organic meat and eggs and welcome your entire family into the kitchen so that they can learn about the origins of each meal. Try to simplify your life and reduce any poor lifestyle choices. Turn off your television once in a while and take pleasure from the simple things, such as a home cooked meal and time with friends. Remember that making any lasting change requires you to start small, but if you are determined, then you will make a positive impact that will benefit your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life.


James Owen

Owen began as one man’s online blogging about health, fitness and alternative medicine. Owen loves to chronicle about his healthy lifestyle and he has become a crossroads for all health enthusiasts. From meditation, fitness, nutrition, to gear, to poses, and apparel. Owen's articles discuss all elements of health in a non-judgmental, inclusive way. His writings provide readers with health resources, challenges, and awesome visual aids while cultivating an online community. Owen also curates the latest in health duds, gizmos, gadgets, and other accouterments so busy people can get right to the good stuff.

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