How to Choose Quality Seeds for Medical Marijuana Purposes

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How to Choose Quality Seeds for Medical Marijuana Purposes

The marijuana plant is believed to have multiple healing properties and health benefits. With the legalization of medical cannabis in most states, you can now purchase high-quality products from accredited cannabis stores. However, you can also grow your cannabis a home and enjoy a steady supply of the product. There are multiple cannabis seed types available, and you can get quality seeds from leading companies.

What are the major types of marijuana seeds?

Most medical cannabis users prefer to grow their weed at home. This is associated with many benefits and is quite convenient. With homegrown plants, you can choose your favorite strains and monitor the growth conditions of your plants. However, the trick lies in seed selection, and it’s critical to grow high-quality seeds. There are different seed types to consider, these are…

Feminized seeds

These seeds are all female and are a favorite among many growers. They ease the process of growing cannabis and are perfect choices for both indoor and outdoor growth. 


Autoflowering seeds are crossbreeds of the Sativa, Indica, and ruderalis plants. They are fast blooming and grow really fast. Moreover, autoflowers are very rich in THC and feature good flower heads and buds. They are also excellent choices for beginners, and you can get high-quality autoflowering seeds from leading seed banks.

Regular seeds

These produce both male and female plants but have a high likelihood of producing male plants.

What should I consider when choosing cannabis seeds?

Medical marijuana is used for the treatment of various ailments. You want quality products to help alleviate severe symptoms of your condition. It’s then best to go for healthy and vibrant seeds. These have high growth potential and will produce healthy plants and better yields.

Here’s what to consider…


Some seed traits are easily noticeable, making it easy to determine good quality seeds. Although you can use leftover seeds, it’s best to buy seeds from renowned seed banks. Such seeds are healthy, strong, and able to grow as desired.

The best seeds are dark brown and firm. They feature a lustrous finish and are not cracked. Avoid brittle and light green seeds; they are immature and unlikely to grow.

Growth requirements

Cannabis seeds require varying growth conditions. These range from water, nutrients, light, PH, and humidity. Most beginners opt for autoflowers since they don’t need light adjustments during the different stages of growth. On the other hand, Sativa strains thrive well in cold climates, while the Indicas grow well in hot climates due to their heat-resistant properties.

Flowering time

Seeds with a shorter flowering time are preferable. They grow faster, and you won’t go out of your supplies. They are also easy to grow since you have shorter periods of dealing with diseases and pests. With fast-growing seeds like the autoflowers, you can have more harvests in a year.

A quick wrap up

You’ll grow your seeds indoors or outdoors. Consider the expected plant height if growing indoors. Also, understand the light and water needs of your plants, and limit the nutrients. Your seeds are crucial, choose wisely and enjoy quality products and better health.


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