Why Smoking Marijuana Might Be Good for You

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Why Smoking Marijuana Might Be Good for You

Even though cannabis is becoming slowly destigmatized nowadays, knowledge about the good sides of this plant is not new to humans. According to various historical sources, we have known about the numerous health benefits of cannabis for more than 5,000 years.

One of the oldest and most common ways of getting these health benefits is by smoking using a marijuana dispensary. Arguably, smoking cannabis has some negative side effects as well, but according to science, it seems that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Let’s take a look at the five biggest reasons why smoking marijuana might be good for you.

1.  It Helps You Deal with Other Addictions

Cannabis has been considered to be a gateway drug for a long time. That means that people used to think smoking marijuana will make you start using much stronger drugs as well. This was one of the main arguments against cannabis consumption. However, studies show that cannabis may help heroin addicts deal with their addiction because it reverses the brain changes caused by heroin.

Some of the damaging effects that cannabis can reverse are related to the glutamate transmitter system, cannabinoid receptors, and the overall craving among heroin addicts.

2.  Applications in Cancer Treatment

One of the most well-known compounds found in cannabis is THC. It is the substance which causes the recognizable high feeling, which is why most people smoke cannabis. However, THC also has several health benefits. One of these is that it reduces nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Moreover, smoking cannabis when primary cancer treatment can help patients have more appetite and avoid losing weight. It can also help them deal with pain caused by both cancer and chemotherapy.

3.  Cannabis Is a Migraine Relief

If you are dealing with debilitating migraines that are preventing you from finishing your daily tasks, smoking cannabis could be a good solution. Namely, migraines are often associated with neurogenic inflammation, which can be successfully treated using cannabis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

In a study conducted at the University of Colorado, 40 out of 121 people who frequently suffer from migraines reported the number of their migraine headaches was cut in half.

4.  Smoking Cannabis Alleviates Pain

Pain relief is one of the most well-known and most well-researched health benefits of cannabis. It is especially beneficial in cases of chronic pain caused by different diseases or conditions.

In countries where only medical marijuana is legal, 62.6% of people apply for a license because of pain treatment. One of the common situations where cannabis is taken as a pain reliever is post-surgery period or, as we have mentioned, cancer pain.

5.  Cannabis Can Treat ADHD

ADHD is becoming a pressing issue around the world. It is estimated that about 7% of children around the world struggle with this condition, along with 3.5% of adults. The medication commonly prescribed for ADHD is efficient but has numerous side effects as well, and it can cause addiction.

Smoking cannabis, on the other hand, could be effective for treating adult ADHD. It has few side effects and is proven to successfully treat nausea, insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression. All of these are common symptoms of ADHD.



As you can see, smoking cannabis can be very good for you if you need any of these medical effects. Of course, doing everything in moderation is the best way to approach any form of treatment. But the good news is that science has proven time and time again that smoking cannabis hasn’t got many side effects, especially when compared to common medication.

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