Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cannabis

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cannabis

Finally, you can grow your cannabis plants in your garden without feeling like you’re doing something wrong when you’re just taking care of your health. As marijuana is becoming legalized in one country after another, there is a sudden boom of all these public discussions naming dozens of benefits cannabis can have on your wellbeing. CBD oils are being uses for various conditions including helping people to relax and promote a good night’s sleep

CBD products’ popularity is increasing. Whether it is in their oil, gummy, or topic form, their healing properties are no secret for anyone. If you are looking to get into the world of CDB products, you should look for information beforehand, so you know what’s best for your needs. CBD oil adviser is an excellent site to turn for information on CBD products, from product advice to reliable suppliers that can provide you with the best quality goods.

However, if you couldn’t wait to start growing cannabis, it can finally become your hobby in some states where it is legalized! 

As this trend is relatively new, many of us are unaware of the majority of things related to cannabis, especially when it comes to its benefits.

To help you make the most of cannabis, we bring you things that the majority of people still don’t know about this fascinating plant.


#1 Marijuana and cannabis are not synonyms

Did you know that all marijuana you can find in cannabis but not all cannabis is marijuana? Cannabis sativa has two different biotypes: hemp and marijuana. The chemical THC can only be found in marijuana which means hemp is completely THC-free. Up to now, both of these plants were completely illegal to grow. Nowadays, industrial hemp is legalized while growing marijuana varies from country to country.  If you don’t want to grow your own cannabis, you can get it from Cannabis Store Calgary and enjoy the benefits of the herb.

#2 CBD is not an acronym for cannabis

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is an ingredient used in many products we see on the market today. Just like THC, CBD is a compound that can be found in cannabis plants but unlike THC, it will not get you high. That’s why it’s a popular ingredient in products such as cosmetics and detox drinks. 

#3 The number of cannabis plants you can grow varies from country to country

As marijuana is becoming legalized around the world, it’s important to understand the law of your country when it comes to growing it in your home. Even in the United States, the number of plants allowed to grow is different from one state to another. For instance, in Alaska, you can grow twelve plants in your household, while in Colorado, you can only grow six of them. 

#4 Growing cannabis is not easy

The great thing about this plant is that you can grow it both indoors and outdoors. But, you will need to work a lot on this little project to ensure your cannabis plants are growing successfully. They will need to get the right amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Also, keep in mind these plants need at least twelve hours of light per day and twelve days to flower.

#5 It can take up to six months for the cannabis plant to mature

From seed to maturity, the rate of growth will vary greatly depending on the variety. Seeds usually germinate anywhere from three to seven days and then it will take two to three months to flower production. Once the flowers appeared, cannabis can be harvested from 6 to 16 weeks, depending on the variety. 

#6 You can prepare your own CBD oils at home

If you want to prepare CBD oils at home, you will first need ground marijuana, carrier oil e.g. coconut oil, cheesecloths, double boiler, and tongs. You will find many ideas and recipes online but make sure you follow each of them step-by-step as it’s crucial to do it right and not waste all these ingredients for nothing. 

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Final Thoughts

You should definitely try to grow your own cannabis plants or consuming CBD oil. It’s an interesting activity that will ease your mind of everyday things and show you how powerful this plant truly is.

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