5 Healing Foods and Herbs That Help To Lower Muscle Pain

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5 Healing Foods and Herbs That Help To Lower Muscle Pain

Continuous muscle pain has become a bigger problem for many people in the modern generation. Muscle pain can influence your way of thinking, dump crap your quality times, and severely damage your quality of life. Despite all your efforts to remain positive and happy in life, body pain, whether from a stubbed toe, splitting headache or chronic disease, can make it almost impossible to be happy and comfortable. Fortunately, we have options geared towards reduction of such pains and make us enjoy our lives.

Whereas over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs have been helpful in lowering muscle pains, they sometimes cause internal distress and categorically are not the ideal long-term approach for dealing with this problem. Most times, we need to find something to deal with this pain once and for all. Food products and natural herbs have a good reputation for reducing and healing muscle pains. If you are a victim of continuous muscle pains, using the following foods and herbs will help you lower the pain within no time.

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Prunes cherries


The Prunus cherry fruits have anthocyanins and phytonutrients compounds that function in two ways to lower muscle pains. The Prunus cherry is known to block muscle inflammation as they constrain pain enzymes just like over the counter painkillers like naproxen and aspirin.



Peppermint has a menthol flavor that helps prevent muscle spasms. A dissolved solution of peppermint when used to massage the painful muscle areas reduces the pain within minutes. Peppermint has methyl salicylate compounds that block the pain-causing enzymes.

Neem herb

Neem herb
The Neem plant produces Neem oil containing Capsaicin compounds that restore muscle motion from stiffness, which lowers the pain. The Capsaicin compounds in the Neem herb provide energy that restores the body’s muscles physiological systems through proper muscle contraction and expansion.

Cannabis cream

Cannabis cream
The cannabis cream contains the Cannabidiol compound from the marijuana plant, which helps relieve severe muscle pain and soreness. The cream gives your aching muscle a feeling of relaxation, as it is made by blending high-quality cannabis flowers that are rich in cannabidiol compound with coconut or olive oil. Cannabis cream soothes skin and muscle irritation, hence easing your discomfort, and alleviating muscle aches and pains.

Hemp creams and oils

hemp oil
Hemp creams and oils originating from different types of the cannabis sativa plant grown for industrial use have been used in the reduction of muscle pains. The hemp strains in the cannabis plant used in oil production have a minuscule percentage of psychoactive compounds that reduce muscles pains. With the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, many people have turned into using the hemp creams to relieve pain resulting from their muscles.

Since herbal and food remedies for muscle pain controlling have yet to be thoroughly examined, you should be extra cautious when embarking on this treatment mechanism. Irrespective of the foodstuff or the herb you use, always remember they are not proven scientifically. Ensure you inquire about their safety and efficacy as the government does not regulate herbal products for quality and effectiveness. Talking with an expert will also help to avoid further problems.

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