Welcome June – A time for cleansing

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Welcome June – A time for cleansing

Peace of Body and Soul

Welcome June, as a time for cleansing

A new season, may the excitement of a new season stay within, explore all possibilities that can enchant you.

Now is the time to heal your body and emotions, your mind and soul.

Look around your life right now, at this moment, what issues are there that you are dealing with.

Change your thinking, change your feelings, and release those thoughts.

Let that energy go, and let your body feel a new awaken.

Release the old toxins, no matter what there are, you will feel better and welcome the new moments that you can look forward to.

Let the growth be gentle, let it be fun, breathe in and exhale the past, what a beautiful life it can be.

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Arlene Kaplanis


Spiritual advisor Arlene Tina will help guide you in your spiritual journey. She offers advice and answers questions you may have while you travel through life’s ups and downs. She can help you find your purpose in life and connect with your inner self.



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