Resolve to Get Healthier with Muscadine’s, The Super Fruit of The South

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Resolve to Get Healthier with Muscadine’s, The Super Fruit of The South


Contributed by Paulk’s Pride

According to, the most popular New Year’s resolutions last year were “enjoy life to the fullest” and “live a healthier lifestyle”. Seems simple enough, but many of us give up on our resolutions just a few months in. The key is finding something you enjoy to help you to live a healthier lifestyle. If it is too difficult or inconvenient, we resort back to what is comfortable.  Paulk’s Pride products provide nutritional and energetic boosts, that not only make you feel good and help with numerous health issues, but the taste is something that makes it easy to add the products to an every day routine all year long.

The list of nutritional benefits of the super fruit includes helping joint and muscle pain, controlling normal blood pressure, enhancing nerve and muscle functions, helping with digestion and much more.  From juices to capsules or powder, there are many forms available so customers can choose the product that best meets their lifestyle. The convenience and taste of Paulk’s Pride products makes 2017 the year to make and easily keep those healthy resolutions.

Did you know?!

Muscadines are the Super Fruit of the South

Native to Southeastern, United States, muscadines are distinguished by their thick skin and sweet taste. The name is not the only thing that makes muscadines unique; they are also incredibly good for you!

What makes muscadine products so great?

  • Contain a powerful cast of phytochemicals
  • Contain more antioxidants, polyphenols, and ellagic acid than most other fruits
  • Helps joint and muscle pain
  • Slows the aging process
  • Aids in maintaining healthy digestion
  • Controls normal blood pressure
  • Enhances nerve and muscular functions

How do I add this super fruit to my diet?

  • Paulk’s Pride Purple Muscadine Juice
  • Paulk’s Pride White Muscadine Juice
  • Paulk’s Pride Muscadine Capsules
  • Paulk’s Pride Muscadine Seed Capsules
  • Purple Power Muscadine Skin Powder

The Paulk’s Pride brand offers dietary supplements, juices, and jellies made from muscadines freshly harvested at Paulk Vineyards.

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