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Health, Wellness and Contentment – Getting it Right

Health, well-being, and contentment. The three are inexplicably linked, bound together at the most fundamental level. But how do we make sure that we have all three in our lives at the same time? Is there a formula? Is there a guideline for how to be healthy, have good well-being, and experience contentment all at once?

Well, that is the question of the hour and there are multiple opinions from all across the world on whether the three can coexist, and how to make them harmonize. What we thought we would do is take a look at a few tips and tricks that we’ve been able to come up with on how to maintain an equilibrium of health, wellness, and contentment.


Encourage Everyone to Exercise 

Alright, let’s talk about health. This is perhaps the easiest of the three subjects to incorporate into a family dynamic. All members of your household can participate in an exercise, and they will note that there are physical and mental benefits to come from doing so. Your children are less of a concern. After all, they will get a good deal of exercise and mental stimulation on the playground. However, it would be wise to include them.

By no means are we suggesting making radical changes to your lifestyle immediately. These are typically not sustainable and will fall apart quite quickly. However, gradual sustainable changes are the best way to ensure that you remain in good health. Exercise regularly, and make a committed effort to eat healthier foods. You will soon see the benefits.


Well-being is the most challenging of the three concepts to explain. There are many types of well-being. The physical element of the concept is attributable to good amounts of exercise and a diet which puts an emphasis on healthy eating. The mental and emotional well-being of the person is two things which are more difficult to ensure.

However, our interpretation is that well-being comes from looking after the body and respecting the mind. Like any instrument, your mind requires maintenance and renewal to perform at its best. It is therefore imperative to make sure that everyone gets as much sleep as possible, and that activities which are mentally stimulating and rewarding are encouraged. A hobby or pastime is often considered to be the best way of ensuring well-being. You would, therefore, do well to encourage intellectual or physical pursuits in your children and spouse


The final concept to talk about is contentment. Much like a scientific formula, contentment usually comes about as a result of combining health and well-being. As you make a concerted effort to improve your body, mind, and spirit, a sense of contentment is inevitable. We perform best when we are pushing ourselves, and achieving more every day. However, apathy and stagnation are powerful enemies, and we must be vigilant if contentment is to be achieved. It is also true that contentment is in the eye of the beholder, and so will be what you make of it.

In conclusion, these three concepts form a triangle which represents the ideal her that people should aim for. We believe that they can coexist, and indeed in the optimal situation, they do. It is important to devote a percentage of one’s life to maintaining these three concepts in equilibrium because they form a large part of what makes life so enjoyable. Motivation, inspiration, and innovation all come from this group of concepts in one way or another, so it is wise to focus on yourself and your family from time to time.


Stacey Chillemi

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