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Blurry vision: Causes and treatment

The Vision Council recently found that 27.9% of Americans report blurred vision, which contributes to an uptick in tech device usage.  Blurred vision is also often a symptom of health issues that people either develop in the short or long term.

If you are currently searching for ophthalmologist Binghamton experts because you are starting to get blurry vision, here’s what you need to know about possible causes and the available treatment options that will help.

What Causes Blurry Vision?

The cornea helps a person focus light and form images through the retina. This normal process is called refraction, but when the cornea is not perfectly aligned in the eye, it distorts the image and creates issues like distortion or blurriness to occur. Depending on the cornea’s imperfect shape, it will cause refractive errors that cause objects to appear closer or far away.

Blurry vision is defined as eyesight that is unfocused or unclear. There are lots of reasons a person can experience blurry vision, but the most likely cause is refractive errors or presbyopia, which are easy to correct with a visit to a local ophthalmologist. That said, it’s not something you should put off as blurry vision could be a sign of an underlying medical issue that needs attention.

You also may experience blurry vision in one eye or both because of a fluctuation in vision.

  • Astigmatism (blurriness at any distance)
  • Far-sightedness (object up close are blurry)
  • Near-sightedness (objects are blurry far away)
  • Presbyopia (occurs naturally with aging where objects near the eye are unclear)
  • Cataracts (a cloud condition that causes blurry vision and night halos)
  • Glaucoma (This is a complex condition that involves optic nerve damage).
  • Eye Floaters (the gel-like tissue floats and causes obscurities on the retina).
  • Contact Lens (Using them beyond their prescribed usage can cause blurriness)
  • Dry Eyes (Can cause blurry vision and vision instability)

Sudden onset of blurry vision is also problematic, so you will want to receive a proper eye exam and diagnosis to determine the best corrective methods as well as available treatment options


Possible Treatment Options

Treatment options will depend solely on the reason a person is experiencing blurry vision. Refractive errors like astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia can easily be corrected with an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Both of these options are long-term, and you may even prefer using them both depending on the task you need to accomplish. If you are interested in contact lenses to aid you in your eye problems, check

LASIK eye surgery is another option that will provide more permanency. It is a pain-free procedure to restore vision.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is a standard, precise outpatient surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea tissue,  depending on the initial vision issue, by making it more curved, flattened, or vertical, so that light rays enter and focus more naturally.

You will also have a higher degree of focusing control. It is also a safe procedure as laser technology is designed to react with any type of movement.

Keep in mind that issues like direct UV rays, eye strain, and over-exhaustion can also cause if blurry vision, but it will not be consistent. It is recommended to still see an eye doctor to be sure.



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