Fight the Addiction: Choose the Right Treatment

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Fight the Addiction: Choose the Right Treatment

What is addiction?

This is a recurrent involvement in using a substance(s) or indulging in an activity with the full consent of the harm that the substance causes. The repeated involvement is because the substance or activity was pleasurable or was of great value to you.

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is quite challenging. Mostly, it’s effectively accomplished once a victim accepts the current situation and agrees to receive comprehensive treatment from medical professionals.

Treatment for addiction entails many different phases. The recovery procedure is lengthy but worth a try as you intend to get rid of the addiction. After you have undergone the first process of addiction recovery which is withdrawal and detox, you are then engaged in a complete therapeutic treatment. This is a service that is considered the most crucial in the whole process.

Here are some of the various forms of treatment that are implemented to cure you of drug and alcohol addiction.



This process can also be termed detox. It’s a physiological process that entails having all the harmful substances in the body removed. When detox commences, it’s expected to be done in a setting where the patient is closely monitored on a 24/7 hour basis. The essence of close monitoring is to ensure that the patient is absolutely comfortable and safe as the process is implemented.

The detoxification process is not predictable. It depends on the patient. At times it can take hours, to some of its days and others even go for weeks. When you are undergoing the process under the watchful eyes of medical experts, there is a prescription of drugs that are administered so as to reverse some of the effects that you may experience.

Some of the symptoms that you will experience are distressing and may make you uncomfortable. Once supplement treatment is administered, it alleviates all these symptoms giving you relief. The detoxification process is crucial. Not only does it ensure that all the harmful substances are expelled from the body, but it’s also the stage where you can’t access all drugs of your choice. The stage offers you a safe environment for healing.

If you don’t access the drugs of your choice, this means that you will not experience what medical officials term as a relapse. If you’re keen to understand the genetic connection of the addiction and want more in-depth therapeutic results, then Genetics-Informed Treatment and Gene Therapy in Addiction Treatment is advisable.


Inpatient Treatment

This is a type of treatment that medical professionals regard as the most intensive. The form of care administered at this point is aggressive. It’s the form of treatment that is often used to deal with acute cases and handle other troubling crises.

For all those patients that are heavily addicted to substances, this is the point where detoxification likely takes place. Thereafter, other interventions follow all designed to get rid of all acute concerns.


Residential Treatment

This is regarded as one of the most helpful forms of treatment. The residential form of treatment alleviates addiction to alcohol and other substances. It’s the safest form of treatment as it offers you a safe environment. The process is long-term guaranteeing you proper care from medical professionals.

The length of stay in a residential form of treatment varies with different patients. It also varies with different treatment institutions. Residential treatment will assist you to seclude yourself from all the temptations and stressors that you undergo each and every day. This way, you will fully focus on recovering and getting better.

Residential treatment is guided by discipline. Once the patient is in this form of recovery, you get to view from all your previous drug abuse lifestyles and concentrate on starting a fresh life.

Fractional hospitalization recovery programs.

Partial hospitalization programs are quite flexible. It’s for those patients that don’t find the need for all the restrictions offered under residential and inpatient treatment. Patients who prefer this option are less interested in the all-around care that is offered in other programs. However, the patients still receive intensive treatment as the day unfolds.

Depending on the health center that you enroll in, PHP programs will vary. Mostly, the set time for treatment is five days a week receiving treatment for six hours each day.

Intensive outpatient programs

This form of treatment is designed to offer you day-to-day treatment. However, the treatment is administered in partial hospitalization programs. This specific treatment is for individuals who can fully benefit from a well-structured treatment platform as they strive to acclimate to an outside life while receiving treatment.

Again, all treatment schedules under addiction treatment options in Arizona will depend on various treatment institutions. Additionally, it varies according to a patient’s unique needs. The treatment is administered for a few days per week with the recovery process going for around three to four hours each day

There are other different forms of treatment that you can enroll in. They include support groups, traditional outpatient services, and sober living homes.

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