Guide to Help Improve the Brain Function

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Guide to Help Improve the Brain Function

Are you searching for ways in which to promote your intellect, fend off mental aging, or live a longer life? You will be interested in learning that there are numerous related strategies which can be easily obtained simply by following a daily routine. This article purposes in enlightening the reader on a long-term potentiation to improve mental performance and a simple embrace to the following strategies will give you a boost to your brainpower, make you smarter, and above all you mentally healthy.

Here is a list of tips to help you improve your brain function

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1. Continuous Learning and Challenging one’s Mind

Consistent learning has been proven to be an outstanding method for boosting a person’s brain. Scientific studies depict that the structure and size of neurons and their connections keep on changing as a person learns. Learning does not necessarily mean spending time on a book. It may include activities like learning how to play certain musical instruments, traveling and adventure, participating in social events, and learning foreign languages among many others.

Apart from learning, brain aerobics can effectively help in boosting a person’s brain functionality. This primarily involves challenging one’s mind with mind-training exercises which plays a significant role in keeping one’s brain fit. This can include doing crossword puzzles, playing fun board games, thinking of famous people who have a name similar to him/her and surfing the Web among many others.


2. Sleeping

Sleep is of great significance to an individual’s physical and mental health. It helps to regenerate the physical body and also reach new psychological insights in addition to enabling him or her to develop creativity in solving problems. Moreover, sleep is vital in helping remove blinders and reset the brain to look at issues from a different perspective.

Furthermore, research has shown that sleep enhances a person’s memory as well as improving his or her performance. A rest of about 4-6 hours can impact an individual’s ability to think clearly once he or she arises.

Studies conducted on infants have shown that a nap is enough to boost their brainpower. To be specific, those infants who sleep between learning and testing sessions have a higher capacity to recognize new patterns in new information. This signals a crucial change in memory that enhances one’s cognitive development. This has similarly been duplicated in adults who take a midday nap.


3. Regular Exercise

Exercise is known to a traditional method of boosting a person’s health. However old this seems, it has remained to be time-tested and proven in promoting not only an individual’s physical health but also more crucially, his or her brain function. Exercising encourages a person’s brain to work at its optimum which it does by causing the nerve cells to multiply, enhance their interconnections, and protect them from damage. When one is exercising, nerve cells release neurotrophic factors such as Brain-Derived-Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which plays a role in triggering chemicals that promote neural health.

Additionally, exercise provides protective effects on a person’s brain in the following ways:

  1. Enhancing the production of compounds that protect the nerves
  2. Enhance the development of nerves and their survival

iii. Decreasing chances of diseases such as stroke

  1. Enhancing the flow of blood to the brain

Finally, exercising plays an essential role in helping boost mitochondria performance resulting in the production of energy in body cells which in turn enables the brain to function faster and effectively.


4. Listening to Music

Over time, both studies and word of mouth have depicted that specific positive changes happened to individuals after they listened to music. This is true, and in a way, music has been shown to boost a person’s brainpower. Research-based evidence has shown that exercising while listening to music usually raise both the verbal fluency levels and cognitive levels. The study was carried out in patients who have coronary artery disease who showed a significant difference between those that listened to music while exercising compared to those that exercised without listening to music. Listening to music has also been associated with improved mental focus and cognitive functioning among others.

There numerous other ways to effectively do this including intake of certain nutrients including, but not limited to, Vitamin D, Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats and Vitamin 12 among many others.

A closer observation at the society shows that health and wellness are no longer the norms. Infections are all over the country, obesity is on the rise, chronic diseases are increasing, and the life expectancy is dropping by the day. Moreover, communities are suffering from all sorts of infections. With such a trend the only solution is to continue educating people and being a role model to them that we are educating

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