8 Simple Tips for a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

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8 Simple Tips for a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

The key to an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle is as simple as this: Don’t overthink it. Stress seems to be a necessary evil that hunts us all, and by overthinking the simple things in life, you’ll just end up adding more stress to your body.

All through the years, we’ve been told what to do and what not to do, and by reading health magazines and blogs hoping to learn more, we just end up getting more confused. Don’t eat carbs, don’t eat gluten, don’t eat saturated fats… Sometimes it almost seems like we’re not supposed to eat at all. However, the key to a balanced health is to eat everything – In smaller amounts (unless you have certain food allergies etc). And the other key is to be active. Just as simple as that.

Would you like to learn more about how you can eliminate stress, be active and eat almost anything to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

By following these 8 simple tips, you might be on the right track.


Cut Your Fruits and Vegetables

Well, we did say the key was to eat anything. But the main part of your diet should still be our well-known friends: Fruits and vegetables. If you’re having a hard time eating them whole, a good tip would be to cut them into smaller pieces. We tend to eat more when our food is presented as “finger food”. Switch your weekday snacks with cut fruits and vegetables. The good thing about it is that you can eat as much as you want of this without harming your body or diet (unless you’re on a strict weight-loss diet – Then you should choose vegetables over fruits).

Be Active

Yes, we’ve heard this one a hundred times before as well. But if you feel like you’re low on energy, a trip to the gym could actually make you feel the opposite. A good workout serves the body with a lot of endorphins, which is our bodies’ own form of antidepressants. If you don’t have a gym membership, then go for a high-paced walk or run, and go for at least 30 minutes.

Do Your Chores

Sounds boring? Every time you dread doing your chores, you should remind yourself of that amazing feeling your mind rewards you with afterward. You don’t have to do the whole house every time, but do the most important chores like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and change your bed sheets. Researchers have also found that doing something useful when feeling stressed could actually help you feel less stressed.


Eat chocolate

Yes, research has found that eating chocolate could actually make you happier. But limit your consumption, and try to keep chocolate eating to once or twice a week. If you’re a chocolate lover and crave it more than once a week, a good tip would be to switch out high-sugar chocolate with sugarfree chocolate on weekdays.


Surround yourself with the people you love

Research says that surrounding yourself with close friends and family would make you happier and make you less stressed.

Learn How to Appreciate Me-time

A balanced lifestyle calls for a balance in your social life as well. Therefore, you should learn how to appreciate some me-time. Being alone lets you reflect on your life, and it teaches you how to appreciate yourself and your own company. Try to learn how to be completely alone without having the need to check your phone. Start by taking a walk with only your music as your company. If your music is on your phone, then set your phone into flight mode.


Take Dietary Supplements

It’s not always easy to know if you’re getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals with a hectic lifestyle. Taking dietary supplements could help you ensure the correct amount so that you won’t lack anything. Vitamin deficiency could result in symptoms such as being fatigue, paleness, loss of hair etc.

Sign up for a half-marathon

Signing up for a marathon might be out of many people´s comfort zone. However, doing so may motivate you to stay more active. Plus, doing something that makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable is actually good for your brain, and going through with it is going to reward you in many ways.

Follow these 8 simple tips to get a simple start to your new, healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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