Best Hot Beverage to Treat Cold and Sore Throat

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Best Hot Beverage to Treat Cold and Sore Throat

We all adore simple and healthy recipes which help us treat conventional body malfunctions like a sore throat or cold. We are not talking about complicated cases like the carpal tunnel injection in pain treatment, of course. Today we are going to discover a useful remedy made of tea, garlic, and ginger. Besides the mentioned ingredients, you will get used to the taste, and it will furtherly feel great to sew this helpful beverage.


You will also need some tablespoons of honey and some lemon slices. Slice your garlic and ginger into half quarters. Approximately, you will need to get a half of a tablespoon of garlic and up to 3 tablespoons of ginger. Therefore, add them into your cup. Put your teapot to boil.

Adding more taste

Cover the sliced pieces of garlic and ginger with honey. The amount of honey depends on your preferences, but it is better to make it slightly or medium sweet. Furthermore, you can press the lemon juice out except for slicing it. Lemon makes the resultant flavor much better.

Final steps

The water should be almost boiling so that it won’t kill the useful properties of all the ingredients. Pour it into the cup and let sit for a couple of minutes. While the tea is cooling down, inhale the steam to heal your throat and nasal paths. Inhalation significantly increases the positive effect.

Enjoy the tea three times a day, inhale the steam, and reuse the garlic and ginger up to three times. Hope this recipe was helpful!

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