7 Herbs and Natural Supplements for Depression

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7 Herbs and Natural Supplements for Depression

Depression is a serious mental condition, which can have influence a person’s overall quality of life in a negative manner. Unfortunately, many people suffer from depression, and they lack the necessary courage to seek out help. It is important to understand that it is possible to recover from depression and lead a fulfilling life again. There are plenty of solutions available, allowing you to improve your mood and feel better again. In this article, we will discuss the best herbs and natural supplements for depression.

St. John’s Wort for Depression

St. John’s Wort can help you deal with symptoms of depression, as it increases the amount of serotonin produced at the level of the brain. Serotonin is one of the happiness hormones, and its increased production can improve mood swings, as well as feelings of low self-esteem or lack of confidence. The positive effects of this natural herb are comparable to the one of the common antidepressants, minus the side-effects. However, it is a known fact that this herb can interact with different medications, so talk to your doctor before taking it.

Saffron for Depression

Saffron is not only a delicious spice to use in the kitchen but a highly effective herbal remedy for those who suffer from depression. It seems that the stigma of the saffron plant can be used for the treatment of depression, presenting a level of efficiency that is similar to one of the commonly-administered antidepressants. The petals of the saffron flower can also be used for such purposes, helping patients with depression enjoy a better quality of life.

Folate for Depression

Depression is often caused by chemical imbalances at the level of the brain. One of the most common problems that lead to the appearance of depression is the reduced levels of folic acid (or folate). Folate supplements can be highly effective in improving overall depressive symptoms, especially when taken in combination with antidepressants. Moreover, you can consider including more foods that are rich in folic acid in your daily diets, such as lentils, beans, dark leafy greens, avocado, and seeds.

Omega-3 fatty acids for Depression

Often, depression does not appear out of the blue. In fact, many people who suffer from brain injuries and memory loss, also deal with depression (the aftermath of the brain being injured). In such cases, taking omega-3 fatty acids is more than recommended. These supplements can improve the overall functioning of the brain, reducing the risk of memory loss and promoting the faster recovery from depression and other mental illnesses.

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Zinc for Depression

Zinc is one of the most important minerals that our bodies require maintaining the best state of health. Depression is linked to zinc deficiency, not to mention the lack of this essential mineral can affect the overall cognitive functioning and a person’s learning capacity. The lower the levels of zinc are in the body, the higher the risk of depressive symptoms. The good news is that you can take zinc supplements and improve your current state. In general, it is recommended to take these supplements for several months in a row, until you notice a definite improvement.

Probiotics for Depression

The fact that the brain and the gut are interconnected is no longer a secret. Researchers have confirmed that the health of the gut influences the functioning of the brain; if the gut microbiome is not in an excellent shape, there is a high risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. For this reason, probiotic supplements are more than advisable for those who suffer from depression. These can deliver healthy bacteria to the gut, which in turn will stimulate the production of happiness hormones – serotonin, dopamine – at the level of the brain. Probiotic supplements are easy to take, and they have so many benefits to offer in return, as you can see.

Turmeric for Depression

Turmeric is an ancient spice, one that has been used for centuries and can add a unique flavor to varied dishes. Apart from being used as a seasoning for curries and other similar dishes, turmeric is a natural remedy against depression. It is considered an excellent help for the brain, improving depressive symptoms and stimulating the production of antioxidants (which protect the brain from further damage and reduce the risk of mental illness in the future).

These are some of the best herbs and natural supplements recommended for those who suffer from depression. Always fight to get better and seek out natural solutions, rather than antidepressants, as these can have a wide range of negative effects and allergic reactions. You can also consider taking brain supplements, to support the overall functioning of the brain and protect it against the risk of depression. NeuroGum is an excellent brain supplement, one that you can take, to ensure that you maintain a positive state of mind and the best possible cognitive function.

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