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Author: Richie Hedderman

The Complete Herbal Guide / Articles posted by Richie Hedderman

Here Are 6 Natural Things To Do When Stressed…

You already know the meaning of stress. Even if stress hasn't affected you, the chances are that one of your family members is affected. The most common causes of stress are financial constraints and marriage problems. Some studies show that continued illness could also cause stress. Here, you will find tips that focus on how to treat these causes.In reality, the human brain performs many complex processes every minute. For this reason, it is difficult to know whether you are stressed or not. Sometimes, it could be fatigue or just a short-term problem. These can heal through sleep.Imagine you have financial problems. You do not have money to pay your bills and buy food. Do you think sleeping can relieve this type of stress?Everyone should...


Six Things You Should Know About EVLT

Venous insufficiency is a prevalent condition in the circulatory system experienced by most of a quarter of American adults, especially women. It occurs when valves in veins that frequently prevent blood from flowing backward in between heartbeats become damaged or defective and lose their ability to close properly. This results in blood backing up and collecting in the veins, causing them to expand like a balloon and protrude just below the surface of the skin. These enlarged and twisted veins are called varicose veins, also referred to as varicose or varicosities. In most cases, they're harmless and merely unsightly, but sometimes they can be painful, itchy, and swollen in appearance and even cause skin damage.Whether for cosmetic or health concerns, Endovenous Laser Therapy or...

Thurner Syndrome

May-Thurner Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

What Is May-Thurner Syndrome? May Thurner syndrome is a potentially life-threatening disorder that affects two blood vessels going to your legs. Blood vessels are the infrastructure by which blood is carried to the heart (veins) and away from the heart (arteries) to deliver oxygen to all parts of your body. The two blood vessels involved in May Turners are the right iliac artery and the left iliac vein. Arteries and veins cross regularly and it usually isn't an issue, but when these vessels cross, generally around the hip or waist area they can cause a problem.When positioned so, the pressure from the right iliac artery can majorly reduce the blood flow to the left iliac vein. This can lead to a much larger issue than...


Menopause: What You Should Know

Menopause is an inevitable part of aging for any woman. Many who've already experienced menopause don't need to be told how it occurs or what happens. But, for many women who are approaching the age of menopause, or those in “pre-menopause,” may benefit from knowing exactly how this happens.Knowing what to expect, and how menopause affects the body can help you develop a lifestyle plan to help minimize any negative effects of the process. For athletes and fitness lovers, it can also help you adapt your training and diet to maintain levels of performance and help you get better results with training.So, before running you through how best to change your training and diet to get the most out of training after menopause, we’ll go...

working out

10 Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Between dealing with insane extracurricular schedules, messes around the house, cranky children, and the million other to-do’s that come with being a mother, finding the time to exercise can seem like an impossible challenge. You can hardly get ready for the day without being interrupted, so how are you supposed to set aside a chunk of time for working out?If you’ve had trouble carving out an exercise routine and sticking to it, here are ten life-changing tips that will help you get in shape without shirking your responsibilities as a busy mom. First and Foremost: Get in the Right Mindset Constantly telling yourself that you’re too stressed, busy, or out-of-shape to start working out is a terrible way to get motivated. Ditch those negative thoughts...


Natural Ways to Nourish Your Body After Drug Recovery

Drug recovery takes everything your body can give. Drug addiction makes it hard to get all the nutrients your body needs. Decreased appetite, rapid metabolism, and impaired organ function compound the problem. Then, the detox process further depletes your body's nutrient stores as it tries to rapidly minimize and repair damage while purging toxins in an attempt to normalize itself.This makes proper nourishment for your body essential to the drug recovery process. To build your nutrient reserves back up, you need to eat more of the right foods- but that's something you probably already know. Beyond nutrition, there are still dozens of ways to nourish and help your body heal during drug recovery. Better, by focusing on your health, you will feel better faster. Stock Up...