Tips for a Healthy Life Post-Menopause

Health advises for middle-aged women mainly revolves around dealing with symptoms of peri-menopause, the time in every woman’s life when fertility comes to an end. This normally occurs around the age of fifty, with some women going through menopause a few years earlier, and some a few years later. It can be a difficult time accompanied by numerous possible side effects, with mood swings, depression, reduction of libido, night sweats, and hot flashes being some of the most common. It can take several years for your body to settle down, and only when you’ve not had a period for twelve months can you consider yourself to have entered menopause. However, several other health concerns and considerations come to the fore in women around this age. Health...


Benefits Of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help mitigate many of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.  These symptoms include: Hot flashes Night Sweats Mild incontinence Mood swings HRT can also boost your libido and improve sleep, aside from reducing your risk of fractures from osteoporosis and offering cardiovascular support. These are just a few reasons why many women consider HRT. What is hormone replacement therapy? HRT is a means of re-experiencing youth, an option against various unfortunate circumstances that life can set against people whether it’s infertility or raging unstable swings. All those answers are as unique as the people behind them. Essentially, Hormone replacement therapy is any form of hormone treatment where the patient, during the medical rehabilitation, either receives hormones that are lacking for supplements of the...


Menopause: What You Should Know

Menopause is an inevitable part of aging for any woman. Many who've already experienced menopause don't need to be told how it occurs or what happens. But, for many women who are approaching the age of menopause, or those in “pre-menopause,” may benefit from knowing exactly how this happens. Knowing what to expect, and how menopause affects the body can help you develop a lifestyle plan to help minimize any negative effects of the process. For athletes and fitness lovers, it can also help you adapt your training and diet to maintain levels of performance and help you get better results with training. So, before running you through how best to change your training and diet to get the most out of training after menopause, we’ll go...

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