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How To Keep Food Poisoning Off The Menu This Thanksgiving

A perfectly stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes covered in gravy, grandma's green bean casserole. These are the dishes that should cover your Thanksgiving table and lovingly fill the bellies of your family members, but too many people have horror stories of Thanksgivings gone wrong because of food poisoning. Out of every six Americans, one gets sick from consuming contaminated foods or beverages every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This year, leave the horror behind with Halloween and know how to cook a perfectly safe Thanksgiving dinner. In this article, learn and discover how to keep food poisoning off the menu this thanksgiving. Tackling The Turkey The crowning jewel of a Thanksgiving dinner tends to be the turkey. If handled or cooked improperly, this centerpiece...


Helpful Tips To Avoid Medication Errors

Even when diagnosed and prescribed correctly, certain common medications have the potential to be incredibly dangerous if used in the wrong ways. An estimated 98,000 Americans die annually due to preventable medical errors. Seven thousand of those deaths are caused by medication errors. Populations, particularly at risk, include the elderly, who often take more medication and may struggle with proper precautions, and children who take the medication on accident. Here are a few simple tips to keep your home safe and avoid preventable dangers caused by medication errors. Location, location, location Where you keep your medicine matters when it comes to protecting those in your home. Even when medication is kept on a high shelf, it's still possible for small children to climb and reach medications...

Five Tips to Naturally Stay Awake and Alert Throughout the Day

It happens to everyone. You're working right along, feeling productive and efficient and engaged, when you suddenly hit a wall. Maybe the wall comes at two in the afternoon, or maybe right after your morning meetings, or maybe an hour before quitting time. What was once alertness is now sleepiness, but you still have things to get done. Daytime sleepiness is a common frustration among workers. Luckily, you can take steps to combat drowsiness without resorting to unhealthy habits. Here are just a few ways you can stay awake at work, even through the dullest and most tedious tasks. Five Tips to Naturally Stay Awake and Alert Throughout the Day Get a Good Night's Sleep It may seem obvious, but staying awake during the day requires sleeping at night....

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