Uplift Your Mood with Essential Oils {Including Infographic}

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Uplift Your Mood with Essential Oils {Including Infographic}

Few things can give your mood a welcome lift like essential oils can. And that’s because they have a reputation of helping with everything from headaches to depression. Your mood can effectively go from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds after your nose gets a hearty whiff of the essential oil, bergamot, for example. Bergamot is actually a citrus fruit that not only smells great but its oil promotes healthy hormone levels and metabolism. A nice bonus use of bergamot is its ability to help with body odor—a definite mood killer. Who knew?

Essential oils

Essential oils are as varied as the ailments they soothe. Peppermint oil, for example, has been known to treat indigestion as well as promoting a calming sense of peace. There’s no peace with an upset stomach, right?

Insomnia & Depression

Who doesn’t enjoy inhaling the intoxicating scent of lavender? Lavender has been known to help with insomnia as well as depression and anxiety. Lavender oil is so popular that it’s used in soaps, sprays, creams, and even cookies and baked goods.

Mood Enhancement

Frankincense, chamomile, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and rosemary oils all help with mood enhancement. Feeling good has never been easier or healthier with so many oils from nature to draw upon.


Want more confidence? Give lemongrass a try! Lemongrass is known to help relieve anxiety, boosts one’s self-esteem. Side note: While lemongrass is working hard to make you feel good, it also works hard as an insect repellent. There will be no pesky bugs bringing you down while lemongrass is around.

Other Conditions Essential Oils Treat

Essential oils can be blended together to really maximize their collective benefits into one powerful recipe blend. Blends are created to help with emotional well-being goals like chakra balancing, anger reduction, confidence building, stress reduction, and memory and concentration enhancement. Blends are also great for your physical health. If you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, stiff joints, or headaches, there are a variety of oils that can help you out naturally. A blend of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary will help diminish and prevent tension headaches and migraines.

How to Use it

Nowadays, it’s so easy to use essential oils—a diffuser can be used to spray a fine mist of fragrant oil into the air; oils can also be rubbed into the skin during a massage; sniffing essential oils straight from the bottle is fast and effective as well.

What’s really exciting is you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils while looking stylish at the same time. You can keep these mood enhancing oils hanging right around your neck in an essential oil necklace or locket. You will literally have a mood lift right under your nose, 24/7! Convenience and effectiveness. Now that’s the perfect blend!

About the author

Want to know more about which essential oil can bring you the mood you desire? This infographic, Uplift Your Mood with Essential Oils, made by our friend Cindy Warren, founder of BeSkinHost.com, will tell you all!

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