The Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Cellulite Control

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The Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Cellulite Control

Those who want to lose weight and get rid of cellulite are increasingly turning to aromatherapy instead of dubious pills and stressful diets. Of course, it’s worth saying that oils alone won’t bring the desired result – you need both proper nutrition and physical activity. But aroma oils will serve as an additional and effective remedy, which is also easy and pleasant to use.

Ways to use essential oils for weight loss


The most common causes of excess weight are stress, poor diet, and metabolic disorders. Basically, these problems are interrelated. A modern woman experiences stress every day, which she prefers to chase down with sweets, flour products, and snacks.

Thus, relaxation is a must for a successful start in the fight against excess weight. The essential oils of lavender rose, and jasmine will help best, as they perfectly relieve stress, relax and set the desired vital tone.

Among oils that are aimed at burning the fat layer, producing collagen, strengthening and restoring the skin, increasing the tone of blood vessels, and supplemented with antiseptic, toning, relieving features are…

  • tea tree oils
  • grapefruit oils
  • lemon oils
  • geranium oils
  • cinnamon oils
  • guarana oils
  • bergamot oils

They can be used for baths, inhalation, aromatization of linen, and room air. The properties of aromatic oils are excellently used in Spa Centers or saunas. A few drops poured onto hot stones create a truly healthy atmosphere.

Oils specifically aimed at losing excess weight and burning fat are fennel, sweet, and black pepper oils, as well as cypress, ginger, cardamom, and peppermint oils. Fennel essential oil not only suppresses appetite, but also helps to cleanse the body, and black pepper oil stimulates metabolism.

Internal use

To normalize metabolism and reduce excessive hunger, you can use aromatic oils of lemon, grapefruit, juniper, rosemary. Also, these oils help remove excess fluid from the body.

To take the oil inside, you need to drop 1 drop of oil in 1 teaspoon of honey half an hour before meals. Eat the honey and drink a little water. You can also add oils to fruit salads and desserts.

But be very careful: some essential oils can be very concentrated. Also, don’t forget about idiosyncrasy.

Cosmetic use

Essential oils are indispensable helpers for cosmetic skin problems, which help to tone it up. For example, oils of anise, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lemon, patchouli are effective not only for weight loss but also as oils against cellulite.

Baths, massage, body wraps, compresses, adding essential oils to creams, masks and other skincare products are excellent helpers in the fight against excess weight, cellulite, sagging skin, stretch marks.

Essential oil bath

The water for the aroma bath should not be hot (37-38 C). The duration of the procedure is 20-25 minutes.

The essential oil doesn’t dissolve in water, so you must first mix the oil with the base. Sea salt, honey, milk, cream, and dry wine are perfect for a bath.


An essential oil massage is best done immediately after a bath. The skin is warmed up and is more sensitive to the components of the massage mixture.

During the massage, essential oils stimulate regeneration processes and increase metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.

To prepare the massage mixture, any fatty (for example, vegetable) or cosmetic oils, body milk without lanolin and honey are used as a basis, and essential oils of refreshing geranium, invigorating bergamot, juniper, sweet dill, rose, ginger, peppermint are added to them.

Massaging with essential oil is very simple: apply a ready-made mixture of base oil and aromatic oils to the problematic area of ​​the skin and rub it with strong, energetic movements.

Wraps and rubs

Wraps with aromatic oils are effective to combat excess weight and cellulite.

Rubbing with essential oils is mainly aimed at eliminating cosmetic problems, such as stretch marks. An excellent effect will be given by rubbing grapefruit oil in the problematic area. And against cellulite, black pepper or tea tree oil are suitable.

Addition to cosmetics

The addition of essential oils to creams, shower gels, and ready-made anti-cellulite products is very effective in enhancing their effect.

Creams enriched with essential oils have a strong effect on the body following their healing properties. Citrus, cinnamon, or lavender oils work best.

Wrapping up 

It is wrong to think that only pills, powdered diet food, and teas are effective in losing weight. Sometimes, they can even be hazardous to health. That is why it’s worth turning to essential oils. They retain all the beneficial properties of the original plant, which makes oils a million times more useful than hyped dietary supplements. Moreover, using aromatic oils is also inexpensive and very pleasant.


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