10 Reasons Why You Should Love Physiotherapy

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10 Reasons Why You Should Love Physiotherapy

Stressors are everywhere these days: mean bosses, difficult relationships, endless bills, traffic, pollution, and even pets! It is no surprise why even early in the morning people sometimes feel physically tired and mentally weary. Thankfully there are alternative medicines these days that solve your everyday stress at reasonable costs. A perfect example would be physiotherapy.

Discover 10 reasons why you should seek and love physiotherapy:

It Heals

Physiotherapy is a treatment for the musculoskeletal injuries and deformities by means of the natural human touch instead of surgeries and drugs. It includes physical methods, such as massage, exercise, acupuncture, and heat therapy. Nowadays, with several known harmful drug side effects and surgery mishaps, more and more patients seek physiotherapy. It is proven to effectively heal musculoskeletal problems without imposing bodily harm.

It Promotes Holistic Well-being

Aside from being an all-natural method, physiotherapy is also a holistic treatment. It conditions the mind, the body, and the spirit. Some physiotherapists engage their patients in meditative exercises like yoga before they begin the clinical treatment. This way, patients experience a peaceful state of mind while undergoing a treatment. No surgery can offer you that powerful benefit of a combined sound mind and body.

It Becomes a Lifestyle

Compared to other treatments, physiotherapy is not a one-time-big-time approach. Its effects are gradually felt as you undergo one session to another, and as you know, gradual treatments have a longer-lasting effect. Ask your physiotherapist to teach you some easy self-exercises doable at home. Eventually, these exercises will become part of your everyday routine and your lifestyle will then change for the better.

It Improves Productivity

Imagine the gazillion tasks you can tick off your list when you have a well-conditioned mind and body. With physiotherapy, you wake up with that kick, more ready than ever to jump start your day. This way, you achieve more of your life goals.

It Boosts Self-confidence

Let’s face it, injuries decrease one’s self-esteem especially if they restrict your movements or impair your normal functioning. Leg injuries, for instance, may make you limp and eventually become self-conscious. Fortunately, physiotherapy solves your problem that no drugs or surgeries can. Patients who have been medically cured after a stroke or accident are even advised to seek the help of a physiotherapist for rehabilitation. Having gained your strength back also implies having won your self-confidence for good.

It Fosters Socialization

Sometimes, muscle or joint pains prevent you from going out your way and meeting people. You’re just too tired and uncomfortable to do so. Luckily, physiotherapy is valuable for anyone experiencing the wear and tear on their body, regardless of the reason – accidents, poor posture, or natural aging. Your pain and exhaustion disappear, leaving you with more quality time for your family and friends.

It Strengthens Relationships

You may not directly see the connection, but it’s true what they say about physiotherapy. It connects people and strengthens relationships. Families and friends are better able to relate to one another without the worry of physical pain or immovable body parts due to musculoskeletal injuries. Fathers, for example, nurture a closer relationship with their sons through physical play. Indeed, physiotherapy helps families get closer together.

It Alleviates Your Mood

Irritation, anger, depression, and other negative emotions are normal reactions to an accident or a diagnosis. With physiotherapy, the patient learns to relax and finds another reason to be hopeful and happy. Exercises, paired with the right diet, are proven to trigger the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, thereby alleviating your mood. And one can never go wrong with a happy disposition.

It’s a Flexible Treatment

Physiotherapy respects the patient’s preferences. It does not subject you to a set of exercises or a kind of therapy if you are uncomfortable doing it. The treatment is flexible enough for you ease through your own sweet time and with your preferred methods.

It’s a Hands-on Treatment

Besides the literal ‘hands-on’ treatment you get, physiotherapy allows you to connect with your therapist on a deeper level. Without surpassing the professional limits, you feel free to communicate your concerns to your therapist.

Overall, physiotherapy is a treatment that cares for its patients. As you experience it yourself, you will find more than 10 reasons to love it.

Melanie Lim


Melanie Lim works at Capital Physiotherapy, a South Yarra physio clinic. She has obtained her degree from the University of Melbourne and has helped numerous patients with their ailments.



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