Wheel of Life Yoga Pose

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Wheel of Life Yoga Pose

Wheel of Life Yoga Pose

Few exercises are offered for breast cancer and lymphedema health improvement. Yoga exquisitely blends techniques that promote muscle tone, flexibility, proper breathing, mental clarity, stress relief, and peace.

If your chest is not tender Wheel of Life is a great full-body pose. Arms and heads can move in all directions. Great for moving lymph fluid throughout the entire body. Use your bed for the ultimate comfort.

Benefits Wheel of Life Yoga Pose

Creates an openness for hips increased circulation to chest and lymph area Lengthens side body Increases vitalityPost-surgical benefits of reducing fibrous adhesions and scar tissue Improves shoulder flexibility Stretches the tensor fascia latea muscle, waist, and spine Expands back ribs for deeper breathing Increases ROM of the cervical spine (neck) if head turns to opposite side Mild twist within the inner core


  1. Begin in Partial Recline (knees bend and back to the ground) then turn both knees to right creating a twist. Shoulders remaining to ground, arms in T position, and then extend the right lower leg.
  2. INHALE, bring the right arm up and over to the ground in front of the chest, press down on the hand, push up and draw left arm behind and bring the chest to the ground (lower torso carefully), arms in T position.
  3. Stay as long as comfortable  – 10 breaths.
  4. The head can stay to the right or turn to the left but only if comfortable.
  5. Extend upper right arm 90 degrees overhead (arms are in a 9:00 position).
  6. INHALE, press up when done, roll back over.
  7. EXHALE Knees to Chest.
  8. Repeat on the other side.
Diana Ross


Diana is a yoga enthusiast. She began practicing yoga and instantly recognized the numerous healing benefits yoga has to offer.



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