Pregnancy Yoga – 7 Great Spine Exercises

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Pregnancy Yoga – 7 Great Spine Exercises

Pregnancy Yoga – Part 3.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover pregnancy yoga containing 7 great spine exercises yo help you during pregnancy.

After the Shoulder and Hip Exercises continue with…

Spine exercises:

Cat Pose

Start in on all fours Pose. With exhale close it down your head and your hip with curve back, then lift up those high with inhaling. Do it slowly, synchronously with your breathing. Practice a few times. The Cat Pose refreshes the whole spine from the cervical to the caudal vertebrae. The main practice to the lower back pain. After relaxing in Child pose.

Child Pose

Relax with opened knees (because for your belly needs a place!) outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Easier Locust Pose

Start in on all fours pose again and raise one foot backward with a deep inhale just as good as high. Hold it for a short time and then do the exercise with the other leg. If you want to make it difficult, raise your opposite arm upwards too. Take care of your balance, look stiffly at one point, it helps to keep your balance. Then relax with opened knees and outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Dog Pose (in a smaller straddle)

Lift your hips high from on all fours pose, your feet and arms be stretched. Hold the Asana as long as it is good. It releases the hip area and stretches the whole body. After the practice relax with opened knees and outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Tree Pose

This is balancing exercise, let’s look at a point rigid before and then you can keep your balance. Stand on one leg stable and slowly lift the other leg just as comfortable for you. If you stand stable raise your hands high as you know. Keep it, stretch up. Practice with both feet. Hold the Asana as long as it is good. It enhances concentration ability and balances sensitivity.

Standing spine twisting

Stand up. Put your right leg forward and left leg at the back, then do the lifted right hand at the back and left hand forward, twist the entire upper body to the right side including your head. Keep it as feel as good. Repeat it in the opposite direction.

Triangle Pose in kneeling

This is an easier Triangle Pose and that is started by kneeling. Stretch it your left leg to the side, and stretch up the arms in full length. Exhalation and bend left sideways and keep the exercise as long as it’s good. Repeat for the other side. It helps digestion, stretches the entire upper body while loosening the hip.   

Finally relax a longer in Pregnancy Savasana, in the Tiger Pose with deep abdominal breathing.

Anita Eri

I’m Anitja from Hungary, Sivananda Yoga instructor. I got my diploma of Yoga Instructor in the Hungarian Sivananda Yoga Center in 2005, I took over exam success too on the “Postgraduate Institute of Medical” Health and Naturopath modules in the preceding years. I expanded my knowledge further in the Sivananda Yoga Center: Raja yoga, Meditation and Advanced courses, while simultaneously I studied in the College “Gate of Dharma” Buddhist philosophy and knowledge of the religion courses, especially Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation. There I met with my Love, who is my Teacher, my Master, my Religion too. We live in Worldwide with our four Children, that's why I started the online yoga support in my blog since 2010. My most important role is to keep the calm, this is my mission.



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