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Why is turmeric better than ibuprofen for arthritis?

Turmeric – that bright orange spice you use to make curries yellow offers a myriad of health benefits, treating arthritis pain being one of them. While some patients suffering from joint pain and arthritis result to ibuprofen, a drug that has been proven to have serious side effects, others consider taking turmeric, which is a great natural alternative. But why are physicians recommending turmeric over ibuprofen in the treatment of arthritis pain? Is it just because it’s a natural alternative or is there’s more to it? Here are some convincing science-backed reasons why you should consider turmeric for arthritis pain instead of ibuprofen. Turmeric is more effective than Ibuprofen Turmeric contains an active ingredient known as curcumin, which gives it the Latin name ‘curcumin domestica.’ This component is...

5 Benefits of Turmeric Milk For Arthritis and Inflammation

Introduction The number of patients diagnosed with Arthritis each year is growing. And people become desperate trying to look for a medication that can help them long-term. So what if we told you that you probably have one very special medication right there in your kitchen? You probably use Turmeric to give your meals that foreign country taste and smell. But did you know that Turmeric has beneficial effects towards your arthritis symptoms? In the following article, we will discuss 5 very important beneficial effects of Turmeric milk for your arthritis and inflammation. But first, let’s take a moment to refresh our memory about Arthritis in general. Plus, we will share a delicious recipe for Turmeric milk that you can try. Important facts about arthritis Arthritis is...

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