How To Buy The Perfect Shaving Kit For Your Better Half

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How To Buy The Perfect Shaving Kit For Your Better Half

Are you searching for that perfect shaving kit for your better half but you’re confused about your options? Worry no more! A shaving kit makes an excellent gift, provided you have the knack to choose some of the best essential tools that are a part of wet shaving.  Also, some of the finest shaving sets and men’s grooming kits provide ultimate value for money as compared to buying every shaving component separately. You can really spoil your man with a hamper just for him.

Getting that perfect shave requires more than a mere razor or shaving gel; in fact, a range of grooming products are needed to get the smoothest shave. Thanks to high-tech grooming services, all-in-one-shaving kits are lifesavers for men who crave for the perfect touch and a smooth skin post-shaving.

What exactly one must look for in a perfect shaving kit, depends entirely on the user. According to gentleman’, a lot of men consider a safety shaver and an aftershave applicator as the ‘the complete shaving package’.

Here is a list of things that will help you in buying that perfect shaving kit for your better half.

How can you differentiate between the ‘best’ shaving kit & the rest of the pack?

Some of the distinct tools in a shaving kit typically comprise of the following:

  • Shaving Brush
  • Razor- safety or cartridge
  • Shaving bowl -also known as Scuttle
  • Shaving Stand

However, some of the finest shaving sets will also include a plethora of other tools besides the four essentials, such as a shaving soap, a couple of double-edged razors, and an aftershave gel.

Types of razors you must consider

There are two distinct categories of razors available in shaving kits: double edge safety razors and cartridge razors. However, the most popular razor amongst men is the cartridge razor belonging to companies such as Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, and Schick Hydro.

While cartridge razors are appreciated by the wet shaving fan group, they certainly are a better choice for your shaving essentials. The best part about a cartridge razor is the long haul cost when compared to a double edge safety razor.

Even though the monthly average cost of a cartridge razor is higher than double-edged safety razors; cartridge razors are relatively less expensive.

In the events that you mostly find yourself short on time, a cartridge razor shaving pack is likely to be a better choice when compared to a double edge razor.

Also, the purchase highly depends on what part of the body is shaved. According to the New York Times, continually using a double-edged razor on any other part of your body besides the face is not recommended.

On the off chance that you anticipate shaving your head, groin, chest, and so forth, a cartridge razor is firmly recommended. For this, the Gillette ProGlide is one of the best choices available in the market. A cartridge razor facilitates traversing contours of the body and makes it almost impossible to cut yourself.

Best shaving brush bristle

If your better half has not used a shaving brush before, any shaving brush will bring about a huge difference in shave smoothness, especially if top quality shaving cream is used. However, one of the key points in picking out the best brush in a shaving kit is the type of fiber used to make the brush.

The finest quality fiber found in shaving brushes is badger hair that comes in many different grades namely; pure, super, best, and silvertip. A pure badger hair shaving brush will help improve your shave quality remarkably as opposed to using your hands for applying the cream. Shaving brushes help build a denser cushion when applying shaving cream, allowing for a rather more comfortable shaving experience. Hence, badger hair bristles are highly recommended for purchase.

Shaving stand is a must to keep items neat & dry

While many razors and brushes won’t corrode when placed on the bathroom counter, a razor stand is included in almost every shaving kit to keep your gear sterile, neat, and dry. This way your razor won’t collect any bacteria at the edge of the blades and your shaving brush will get ample space to get dried at a much faster pace.

Moreover, metallic stands are a greater priority as they are less likely to fall or tip over. Similarly, chrome-plated or stainless steel stand is preferable for purchase since they don’t get rusted easily.

Essentials to always consider when ordering a shaving kit

Despite having the best shaving tools, there are some key shaving essentials that must never be overlooked in a shaving kit; these include aftershave balms, pre-shave oils, and shaving creams.

Pre Shave Oils

The best shaving kit is the one that offers good quality pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oils make the overall shave extremely comfortable and smooth. It helps keep skin and whiskers moisturized and nourished. Pre-shave oil will allow razor blades to slither smoothly throughout the shaving process. Moreover, pre-shaved oils comprise vitamin E that helps enhance overall skin health.

Shaving Cream

Opting for a quality shaving cream is the key to purchasing the best shaving kit. When searching for shaving cream, you must ensure you get your hands on a higher quality cream that isn’t full of chemicals. Often, shaving creams that are heavily marketed or available at local drug stores contain alcohol. When one shaves, one also takes a small layer of skin with every blade that goes across the face. While this is good to make sure you have fresh skin, shaving creams that contain alcohol tend to leave your skin extremely dry after the shave. Quality shaving creams, on the other hand, provide nourishment to the skin while the rich lather makes the shave more comfortable. Taylor of Old Bond Street is highly recommended by

Pick a balm instead of the aftershave splash

Instead of using aftershave splashes that contain alcohol and sting upon use, go for a kit that offers a balm for a post-shave application. Balms offer all the unique benefits of keeping your pores flushed while keeping your skin moisturized.

So the next time you order a shaving kit for your better half, do remember to consider all the above factors to make the best purchase. Happy buying!

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