Losing Weight After A Baby: 5 Super Actions You Can Take to Shed Off the Pregnancy Pounds

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Losing Weight After A Baby: 5 Super Actions You Can Take to Shed Off the Pregnancy Pounds

For most new moms, losing the last 10-15 pounds can become a matter of life and health! Not only is it difficult, but it is also next to impossible to get rid of the belly flab, the love handles and even the thunder thighs.

The thing to understand is that shedding this weight requires certain tactics and extraordinary measures. Also, remember that you can’t be expected to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight within a few weeks. A huge number of new moms start getting rid of the extra pounds only once their little one turns 1 year old.


If you too have tried everything and yet still unable to lose the pounds, then these 5 super actionable tasks are going to pave the way towards your slimmer self. Just ensure that you incorporate all of them into your daily routine and check out for the difference that results.

1.    Dieting is going to Make You Gain Weight!

As surprising as that may sound to you, dieting is actually shown to add a few pounds to new mothers weight. Why? Because the stress of leaving your favorite foods and ever-increasing burden of reducing the inches only result in being upset. Don’t be surprised if you indulge in binge eating during the starvation mode.

Instead, what you need to do is start eating clean. Stop consuming any junk, fast food or even food that is processed like nuggets, burger patties, frozen pizzas, etc. Make your diet as well balanced as you can. Add in fruits and vegetables for not only proper meal times but snacking as well. Nuts, fiber-rich foods, and whole wheat items are also good.

Keep in mind that if you are breastfeeding, then you will need to maintain your energy levels otherwise feeding would become problematic and your little one will suffer. So don’t overeat, but don’t under eat either.

Have you heard of superfoods? These are the ones that are rich in nutrients but very light when it comes to calories. These include fish, milk, yogurt, lean meat, beans, chicken, and salmon. They will fill you up, your food cravings will be satisfied, and you will gain the energy needed to function with a small child.

2.    Sleeping Trims and Tones

This too might be a shocking discovery for you. But let’s look at it scientifically. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body is constantly in states of distress. This means that any chances of weight loss diminish because the fats and energy reservoirs will be needed to keep you functioning normally. Therefore, getting enough sleep is essential for weight loss.

How can you do with a baby who only refuses to sleep according to your routine? You make adjustments instead of demanding them to do so! Whenever the little one is sleeping, try to nap as well. Yes, it may not be possible every single time, but at least you will get more sleep than you do these days.

So the next time baby starts yawning, follow suit and go have a nap yourself. You will feel more refreshed and will be able to work out without any kind of tiredness excuse.

3.    Exercise Every Single Day!

You simply cannot get trim until and unless you invest some time in exercising. Instead of taking it as a burden where you need some time out from your daily chores, opt for a plan of action that involves house chores and the baby. Make sure you scrub your own bathrooms and mop the entire living space each day. You will be surprised by the exercise you get out of these tasks.

There are quite a few workout routines that need the help of your baby, the primary of them being walking with them in your hands. Talk a stroll every day in the park or around the block for at least 30 minutes, while carrying the baby. The excess weight is going to act like weight lifting, and both you and the baby will have some outdoorsy time to bond.

If you feel that carrying the baby for so long is difficult for you, then take the little one in the stroller. This too is going to require some effort especially if you are going uphill. Hiking with the baby, pushing a trolley with the baby and doing yoga with the baby are some other examples of exercise routines that you can incorporate into your daily list of chores.

4.    Remain Hydrated

Water is the source of life as well as weight loss. The more water you drink, the less you eat and the slimmer you will get. Do one thing. Every day before having breakfast, take a warm glass of water, add half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey in it and drink up. This is the best cleansing tonic that you can lay hands on. It tastes great and helps cut down on the fats, speeding up your metabolic rate.

You can also get more amounts of water in your body by drinking up green tea and other cleansing detox water.

5.    Join a Mommy Group

This can either be a discussion forum where you share all your experiences with each other or a yoga mommy group that helps you in distressing as well as cutting down on the fats. You will be surprised by how much this support group helps you immediately.

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