Top 10 Reasons to Practice Surya Yoga

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Top 10 Reasons to Practice Surya Yoga

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Surya Yoga

So, you want to get out of the disease cycle?

Disease cycle is a vicious circle, where the cure of one disease, creates another disease, as a side effect. You have experienced it, day in and day out. The different medicines you buy from the medicine shop, create a number of diseases, as a side effect. By just googling the name of the medicine, you can know particulars of those diseases, which are created as a side-effect.

Here are the top ten reasons for opting ‘Surya Yoga Therapy’ to get out of the disease cycle.

No Side Effect

That’s the blessing of Surya Yoga therapy. You really don’t have a side effect. If you want, you can always continue to use them for a lifetime.

It Heals Naturally

This is the beauty of Surya Yoga therapy, it heals naturally and gradually. So you can really enjoy the healing process.

No Toxic Chemicals

That makes the whole process of taking Surya yoga therapy treatment, much more stress-free. You don’t have to fear, that the treatment, can mess up with the other disease presently you are having.

Approaching the root cause

Surya Yoga therapy goes to the root causes of the disease and sorts it from there.

Holistic Treatment

One reason why Surya Yoga therapy is considered as Holistic, as it solves the disease, not only from the manifested form, in the physical layer- annamayakosha, but also from the unmanifested form in the vital – pranamayakosha and mental – manomayakosha.

Lifestyle Changes

Some of the different forms of Surya Yoga therapy helps to bring a more healthy lifestyle, where diseases can be prevented to manifest at first go.

It’s safe

Most of the Surya Yoga therapy is a hundred percent safe, as they are a natural process, rather than synthetically created chemicals from a laboratory.

Go Green

Most organizations dealing with Surya Yoga therapy solution are green companies, bringing a lot of good to the environment. So by opting Surya Yoga therapy treatment, you will be helping to save the environment.

Self -Healing

The simplicity of the Surya yoga therapy becomes highlighted with the fact, that it is a self-healing form. That obviously doesn’t compromise the robustness of these solutions, on which millions of people depend to live a better life.

Promotes Wellness

Most Surya Yoga therapy improves your general sense of well-being and you start feeling better about your body, mind, and breath.

Sri Joydip

Sri Joydip’s vision is transforming Human society into Divine Society and Human race into Divine race . He thinks this vision can be achieved when people experience well-being , happiness and wellness.That's why, Sri Joydip teaches Surya yoga, a system of yoga, which connects with inner sun, for healing and wellness, which helped people across the world to experience wellness.



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