The Ultimate Guide To Effective Aphrodisiac Supplements For Men

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Aphrodisiac Supplements For Men

The Ultimate Guide To Effective Aphrodisiac Supplements For Men

A low libido is certainly not an attractive trait for any man. Not being in the mood for sex can be disappointing – not only for the man’s partner but also for the man himself. While the condition is more common amongst women, it still affects roughly 31% of all men at some point in their lives. Some men only experience a low libido once in a while, which is perfectly reasonable when you take the fact that life has become very stressful in the modern world into account. Other men, however, find that they experience a low libido, or a poor sex drive, most of the time. This is when such a condition becomes problematic and requires treatment or aphrodisiac supplements to restore the average level of libido in the affected man – and, by doing so, make him want to have sex once again.

While Viagra and several other medications can be used to treat such a condition potentially, they usually lead to unpleasant adverse reactions. Then there is also the vast variety of natural supplements that are promoted as aphrodisiacs – but, which one do you choose? In this guide, we hope to give you a better idea of what you can use to enhance your Sex Drive so that you can restore your libido naturally without wasting your money on unproven ingredients that could lead to serious side-effects.

Causes Of A Low Sex Drive In Men

A low sex drive, also called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, can be caused by numerous health conditions, as well as some environmental factors and lifestyle choices. There are quite a large number of options to treat this condition and, in some cases; Erectile Dysfunction Treatment options are even used. Realizing the potential cause of your particular problem is often considered the first step before obtaining treatment, as this can help you more efficiently treat such a condition. The three primary causes of a low Sex Drive in Men include psychological conditions, medical conditions and, of course, hormonal problems. Let’s discuss each of these individually:

Psychological Conditions

Depression is a common mental condition that affects millions of men. This is also a common cause for lack of sexual desire and, in some cases, can even lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Apart from depression, other conditions such as anxiety and stress can also affect a man’s sex drive.

Physiological Conditions

Many physical health conditions can also affect a man’s sex drive and his performance in the bedroom. Some common health conditions include obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and hypertension.

Hormonal Problems

Testosterone plays a significant part in several parts of the male body. It also affects a man’s sex drive and, when testosterone levels become low, their libido can also drop.

Note that a low level of dopamine has also been shown to reduce a man’s libido and cause him to become less interested in participating in sexual activities.

Natural Aphrodisiac Supplements

Thus far, we have discussed the prevalence of a low sex drive and we also explored the numerous potential causes of this particular sexual disorder. Now, let’s consider some of the natural aphrodisiac supplements that are often promoted to improve a man’s libido – and how effective they truly are.

Tribulus Terrestris

A study by the Hamdard Nagar in India found that Tribulus Terrestris has numerous properties that can be beneficial for men who are suffering from a low libido. According to their report, this ingredient has pro-erectile properties and also possesses agents that are beneficial for a man’s sexual behavior.

Lepidium Meyenii

Also called “Maca” this is a popular ingredient used by quite a large number of men who experience a low sex drive. According to the same report mentioned above, Maca also has pro-erectile effects and it can stimulate sexual desire.


Arginine is a particular amino acid that has many benefits for men. This amino acid is turned into a gas in the body and then sent throughout the body’s blood circulatory system. The gas is known as nitric oxide and causes blood vessels to relax and expand. In turn, more blood can flow into the penis during an erection, which causes a fuller erection that is also easier to obtain. This can help to alleviate performance anxiety, which is a common cause for lack of

Other natural supplements that also have scientific evidence behind them include Panax Ginseng, Yohimbe, Terminalia Catappa, and, of course, Tongkat Ali.

Final Words

Aphrodisiac supplements have become quite popular in modern society. With a relatively large number of men suffering from a low sex drive, they are often seeking ways to boost their libido and increase their interest in sexual activity. Unfortunately, many of these supplements do not include ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be efficient and, in some cases, side-effects can also develop. We recommend opting for supplements that have been tested and proven, and focusing on supplements that contain the phrase “Increase Testosterone Level in Male” as testosterone deficiency is one common problem that causes a reduced sex drive in men.

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