Discover Once and For All How To Increase Sex Drive

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Discover Once and For All How To Increase Sex Drive

Know how to identify the factors that contribute to decreased libido.

One of the most discussed issues in love relationships is sexual desire. It is common that during a relationship, the couple’s sex life has ups and downs. One of the partners will not always be at the height of their will and, although there is not exactly a problem with this, the recurrence of the event may lead to the need for an investigation.

It is essential to know basic aspects of this universe to better understand what is happening, such as libido. The term can vary between people, but from a scientific point of view, libido is usually used to refer to someone’s general sexual drive or the degree to which he or she has an interest and desire for sex.

Considering its function, the level of libido will define its will. Thus, when it is low, it means little or no desire, while high represents a strong and frequent interest. However, there is no way to standardize the sexual appetite, and the “normal” depends on each one. Relationships once a week can be normal for some, and every day for others,” points out a doctor.

Loss of libido


Some factors are responsible for the decrease in desire, directly interfering with the patient’s sexual life. According to the specialist, the most common are:

Use of contraceptives

By decreasing the production of testosterone – a hormone related to the stimulation of libido – some women may have reduced desire during the use of the pill.

Menstrual cycle

Some periods of the cycle favor the desire, as in the fertile phase due to increased libido. However, it is common to feel less interest during other phases, especially during menstruation – although it is okay to have intercourse during these days, as long as there is always the use of a condom.

Gynecological diseases

Some physical and emotional conditions can cause pain during intercourse, such as vaginitis.

Depression and stress

Psychopathology is one of the main causes of reduced libido, given that some of the symptoms are stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. In addition, most medications used in the treatment reduce sexual desire.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

This medical condition causes frequent unwillingness with no other factors involved. Diagnosis is difficult and is usually linked to psychological issues.

How to increase sexual desire?


The gynecologist warns that a doctor should be sought when low libido starts to affect different aspects of life. Thus, an investigation will begin on what is causing this reduction, starting the most appropriate treatment for each case. Never self-medicate.

Some practices, however, can help in this quest to increase the desire to have sex. There are many things a woman can do on her own, including mindfulness techniques or meditation to reduce stress, incorporating more novelties into her sex life, such as using sex toys, because novelty can help trigger arousal.

Furthermore, maintaining self-knowledge and quality of life habits can also be the way to overcome this problem. One of the obstetricians’ recommendations is masturbation, treating pain from cramps, exercising the muscles, and releasing hormones for well-being.

As for the lifestyle, it is essential for her to have a good night’s sleep, sleeping between 7 and 8 hours; be exposed to the sun daily for 20 minutes; invest in a healthy, balanced, and nutrient-rich diet, considering that some foods can make us “get in the mood,” such as chocolate, pepper, oysters, and pomegranates, for example; and exercise regularly.

Finally, but very important, the doctor’s golden tip is to reserve time exclusively for sex, whether it is done with individual practices or with a partner. The important thing is to stay mindful of the moment and enjoy.


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