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Signal Relief 4.5_ Patch

Signal Relief Patch Review

Signal Relief sent me their 4.5″ patch to relieve the discomfort I was experiencing in my arm. I’ve been using Signal Relief Patch for a while now.  In this review, I  am going to discuss my experience using the Signal Relief 4.5″ Blue Patch.

What is The Blue Patch by Signal Relief?

Signal Relief is a new approach to provide relief from extreme discomfort that uses a material made up of microscopic antennas. Signal Relief isn’t a pill, cream, or injection. It is a palm-sized patch that you place directly on your body. The patch is drug-free and chemical-free.

Here’s the concept to help give you a better understanding of Signal Relief: Your body has an electrical current running through it. When you get injured or have extreme discomfort, your body sends signals from the point of trauma to your brain.  This is how it communicates that you are in discomfort.

However, if you can disrupt that electrical signal, so that the message never gets delivered you can find relief.

Signal Relief is a pain patch that utilizes nanotechnology and pain modulation methodology to relieve pain naturally. The Signal Relief patch is non-invasive and completely reusable for daily relief.

Wear the patch daily or as often as you need for relief from:

  • backaches
  • headaches
  • muscle soreness
  • chronic discomfort
  • shoulder
  • neck
  • arm
  • knee
  • elbow
  • foot
  • other forms of pain and discomfort in the body

signal relief

The Benefits of Signal Relief

  • Signal Relief is a special wearable patch that quickly relieves pain in any part of your anatomy
  • Relieves all pain types
  • Signal Relief helps the nerve system communicate with the natural system to reduce the requirement for drugs.
  • The patch will block the electro signals from areas of pain reaching the brain.
  • The patch does not require any prescription
  • It can reduce or stop the pain and discomfort

Signal Relief Patch

What’s Makes the Signal Relief Patch Unique?

  • Provides pain relief within seconds after sticking it to the affected area
  • Does not require oral injection or cream
  • Signal Relief can change the way you feel entirely chemical-free
  • The Signal Relief  Patch Signal works without any side effects.
  • A Signal Relief patch can last many years of usage. Therefore, you save a lot of money in the long run.
  • The Signal Relief  Patch is Waterproof. The Signal Relief patch is durable and can hurdle extreme weather conditions. Therefore, pain relief can be worn during training sessions, showers, or even in a swimming pool, making it an exceptional product.

What did I think of The Signal Relief Patch?

Today was the first 24 hours I had the patch on. The first day I didn’t feel any change in the pain that I experienced in my arm on a daily basis. But when I woke up the next day I can honestly say that I definitely felt a decrease in pain in my left arm.

Seven years ago I broke my collarbone in three places and each year my arm has increased in pain and my usage of this arm has declined tremendously. With the patch on for the first 24 hours, I was able to lift my arm up.

For many, this may not sound like a big deal but for me, it is because I haven’t been able to lift my arm up in a very long time.  I only have one patch.  However, I would like to get another one because I think a lot of pain is also coming from the neck as well as the collarbone and shoulder.  I think using two patches would help me more.  I would highly recommend the Signal Relief Patch.


I love it! I use it for my arm where I broke my collarbone several years back and since then I’ve had a lot of difficulties moving my arm and doing everyday activities.  With signal relief I am able to do all the things I couldn’t do before and live life happy, healthy, and productively once again.

Places To Purchase The Signal Relief Patch

Website: Signal Relief




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