How Often Should You Have Sex with Your Partner?

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How Often Should You Have Sex with Your Partner?

How much is “normal”? Five times a week? Twice? A? Many people ask these questions about the number of sexual relationships that couples should have during the week. In this sense, there is no specific data on the amount and frequency of intimate contacts necessary to have a full life.

What the sexologist has to say

Most sexologists affirm that each couple must determine the frequency of intimacy according to different factors, including…

And it is that the level of that desire changes in each person.  It can mean wanting to have sex every day, or just one, or none at all. And everything will be normal.

On the other hand, an investigation carried out by the Kinsey Institute of Sexology, of Argentina, concluded that…

  • Between 18 and 29 years old, they have sex about 112 times a year (2.14 times a week)
  • 30 and 39 an average 86 times (1.65 times a week)
  • 40 and 49 about 69 times a year (1.32 times a week)

What  other experts have to say


Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, considers – according to his research that…

  • An average couple at 20 years of age has intercourse one to three times a week
  • Between 30 and 50 years of age, the amount is reduced to twice
  • 50 years plus, you have sex once or not once a week

However, a team of researchers from Florida State University and the University of California in the United States was more decisive.  They concluded that having sex every other day is a key to the union and well-being of the couple.

Why every other day? The researchers analyzed two previous studies that involved data from 214 newlywed couples, found that “sexual satisfaction remains high for up to 48 hours after having sex.”

Scientists use the word afterglow to refer to that enduring afterglow.  This is the glow that can still be seen in the sky after sunset. Having sex every other day, then, keeps that sexual glow from fading.

The research, published in the specialized journal Psychological Science, also found that, between four and six months later, couples who, on average, had sex four days a week felt greater satisfaction and well-being in the relationship than those who had not reached that level.

According to Dr. Andrea Meltzer, the researcher who led the study, “people with greater sexual persistence, that is, those who showed a higher level of satisfaction 48 hours after sex.  They have higher levels of satisfaction in their partner several months later”.

In reality, there is no better sexual frequency than another.  You can live together for many years with any sexual frequency.  Either once a day or once a time, of course, as long as the couple is comfortable with that frequency.

How problems occur


The problem can occur when the partners have different sexual frequencies.  This is a difference in libido. In these cases, frustration can appear on the one hand and guilt on the other.

If that happens, the most important thing is to maintain communication in the couple.  Negotiate, and find a middle ground. As a couple, communication is essential, talking, knowing the needs and desires of the other is essential to be able to have a healthy relationship.



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