Reiki – The Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy

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Reiki – The Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy

Reiki – The Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy

Reiki – The Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy We are stuck in a vicious cycle of worrying about problems and having problems about our worries. And worrying itself is a problem. The result is that our minds are so busy and buried within our egos, that we are left and overwhelmed with problems. And often, if not always, those of us who are the most stressed and worried have serious health issues.

Modern Medicine – Symptomatic Approach:

We treat our health problems the way we have been programmed by society since birth– meet the doctor, take pills and rest. Taking some pills to cancel the side effects of the other pills, and then we take a pill or two for those. We go through all the ranges of emotions, all the while feeling frustrated that our convalescence is still due. It is high time we rebooted the way that we think about our physical health. Is it so far fetched to decipher that our thoughts –our worries, our negativity- are influencing our body? It is already a known fact that stress is a factor of illness, but we seem to ignore this fact because it doesn’t sound scientifically accurate enough. So proof that there is a certain connection between our thoughts, emotions and physical body, comes as a whiff of fresh air. And though this knowledge has been available to us for ages, it is only in the past few decades that adoption has spiraled.

Understanding Internal Energy Potential:

We can’t deny the fact that we, like everything else, are made of matter, which in itself is pure energy. Only experiencing ourselves subjectively – but certainly, energy flows within us just as well as through anything else. We may not have the greatest energetic field, but we still have one, and we are responsible for its wellness. We are also very capable of interacting with and influencing other energetic fields. And this can be either good or bad. For example, if we encounter a friend who is in a bad mood, his energy level is low and irregular, and it may not shock you that you, too would start to feel bad, as to empathize with your friend. This happens because his energetic field influences your own, and because you have a strong emotional connection with your friend, your energy is vulnerable. But keeping a positive attitude and addressing kind words will help your friend replenish his energy, as well as yours.

Reiki – Natural Energy Healing:

If you have followed me so far, then maybe you agree that alternative therapy sounds scientifically accurate, too – because it is. One of the most profound energy-based areas of medicine is found in Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying of hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Consisting of healing the body through the body of the healer – therefore, healing your energy levels, and hence your emotions and your thoughts, with the help of his own positive energy. It not only heals you spiritually, and therefore physically, but it also works on principles such as heat; the heat of the healer’s palms can engage your blood flow as well as the relaxation response. So, even for the most skeptical ones, Reiki can turn out to be a very effective, non-intrusive, natural, source of treatment.


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