Top 5 Morning Habits To Implant For A Better Life

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Top 5 Morning Habits To Implant For A Better Life

Top 5 Morning Habits To Implant For A Better Life

Rushing through your morning and running late for work or school is not going to make for a good day. Or for a good life for that matter if you keep repeating this habit. But let’s face it, most of us are guilty of pressing that snooze button far too often and skipping breakfast. Because who has time for breakfast. Stopping this vicious cycle and taking charge of your mornings is key if you want to lead the life you want and deserve. To get the most out of your mornings for a better and happier life.

We’ve gathered the 5 top morning habits you need to start practicing as of today.

1. Wake up earlier morning

If your mornings feel hectic, chances are you’re not rising when you should. To make sure you have ample time to get ready enjoy your mornings along the way, set your alarm an hour earlier. In case you still feel like you can’t manage to get yourself out of bed, you may want to use a few tricks that will convince your body that it’s high time to wake up.

Consider keeping your drapes open and letting early morning sunlight wake your brain. Exposure to sunlight decreases melatonin production which is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. Other than that, you can start adjusting your sleep schedules to accommodate your new early bird lifestyle. Rising earlier can also give you more time to spend with your SO and this was found to help with sexual performance anxiety as well.

2. Drink some lemon water

Instead of relying on a cup of coffee to get you out of the morning fog, try sipping lemon water instead. Lemon water is slightly sour which will be enough to get you out of your morning haze. But other than that, the acidity of lemon water is also said to help kickstart your digestive system and even relieve constipation. Lemon is also a great source of vitamin C which your body needs to fight infections. If, however, you suffer from gastric issues or simply are not a fan lemons, then drinking plain old water upon waking up will do the trick. Often times, we may feel groggy in the morning simply because out body is mildly dehydrated after 8 hours of sleep. Sipping on some water before your morning coffee can help invigorate you to start the day.

3. Make a healthy breakfast

Just a few years ago, breakfast was considered the most important meal of the day. Nowadays, researchers have questioned this idea saying that the timing of the meal doesn’t matter as long as long as these meals are healthy. Whatever the case may be, we suggest you play it safe and make a healthy breakfast a part of your morning routine.

Studies show that a breakfast rich in protein and healthy fat helps control blood glucose levels. Those mid-day slumps are often due to sugar crashes which you can easily avoid with a hearty but healthy breakfast consisting of eggs, oatmeal, bananas, yogurt, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Just make sure your breakfasts are balanced in nutrient content with protein being the key nutrient to look for. If you’re worried about going overboard with your breakfasts there are ample unexpected benefits of large breakfasts.

4. Stretch with yoga

What better way to get energized for the day than with morning stretching. While any type of exercise is bound to get your energy levels up, yoga provides many additional benefits such as improved posture, stress relief, and greater overall levels of well-being. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that yoga was as good and potentially even better than conventional exercising in improving a person’s mental and physical health.

Yoga reduces stress levels through gentle stretching, deep breathing, and meditation practices which are integral parts of most yoga practices. Starting your day with just 10 minutes of yoga is enough to help de-stress and to welcome the day in good spirit. Consider sun salutation as an easy-to-follow yoga sequence.

5. Meditate

We cannot emphasize the benefits of meditation enough when it comes to establishing a perfect morning routine. One characteristic of mornings is their tranquility which makes them an ideal time to meditate. Meditation involves techniques that help you observe your thoughts. By becoming the observer of your own mental processes, you’ll find it much easier to put things into perspective. Contemplation, in general, is best done in the tranquility of the early morning hours, doing it would reduce stress and improve brain function to fuel you for the day, Before the stresses of daily living start taking hold of your attention.


Nobody becomes a morning person overnight. But everyone can master the art of morning rituals by planning ahead. Just like everyone can be successful at marriage by mastering the moves for long-term relationships.

Consider these 5 simple tips, to incorporate into your mornings. To make your days, weeks, and years better than ever before. Just make sure that you are disciplined and consistent with your morning ritual until they become natural to you. Once that happens, your mornings will become something you look forward to.


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