Natural Sleeping Aids: 10 Surprising Natural Remedies For Insomnia {Including Infographic}

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Natural Sleeping Aids: 10 Surprising Natural Remedies For Insomnia {Including Infographic}

Sleep is the condition in which our consciousness is temporarily suspended. During this time, our body and mind are charged with energy that we need to perform our day-to-day tasks. Research shows that in order for us to function optimally, we need to get seven or eight hours of sleep. The right amount of sleep is extremely important in keeping ourselves healthy, rejuvenates our body and keep our minds sharp.

You would think that sleeping is as natural as breathing. It may be for some but for others, it is the opposite. At some point in our lives, it is more likely that we experience difficulty in sleeping. It can be that we have difficulty staying asleep or we tend to wake up too soon. But most of the time, we suffer from lack of sleep because we find it hard to get into that falling-to-sleep phase. Familiar? You guessed it right. Insomnia is one of the main culprits why we are sleep-deprived.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’ve been getting enough sleep? Does sleeping come easy for you? There are a few lucky people who can sleep at the drop of the hat. But for most of us, it is a constant struggle to make ourselves slide into Morpheus’ dream world. Many factors come into play why we cannot sleep easily. Usually, it is due to stress that this fast-paced world brings. Our lives get too full and busy that we compromise the quality of our sleep. Some of us think too much that’s why it’s hard to fall asleep. As thoughts enter our mind, we find ourselves distracted, our tired brain functioning overtime but in turn, instead of falling to sleep, we find ourselves wide-awake. We spend hours after hours either tossing and turning trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep. Some of us stare at the ceiling trying to will ourselves to “go to sleep.” Out of desperation, a few will even try counting sheep. There are a lot of other reasons why we can’t seem to keep our eyes closed and no matter what the reason is, we all feel the same when we wake up. We feel exhausted and more tired than we were the night before therefore affecting our performance during the day.

Sleep has become a luxury when it is, in fact, a necessity. It has become a chore rather than a relaxing activity. Sleep deprivation not only affects the efficiency of the work that we do but it also affects our behavior. Not falling asleep when it’s time to make us feel frustrated. Lack of sleep makes us easily irritated and this has a negative impact on how we get along with others. We lose our focus which affects our ability to comprehend the simplest of things.

This does not have to be the case. There are a lot of ways that can help us give our bodies what it most craves for- an eight-hour sleep. There is a spate of studies that determine the causes of sleep deprivation and they have come up with numerous ways to help the vast majority to help get us on the right track in the sleep cycle. What I am about to show you is an infographic containing unexpected natural remedies that can definitely help you sleep like logs. Some of these remedies are inexpensive and some you might find lying around your house. Instead of resorting to a medication-induced sleep, these natural remedies can give you the same results but will make you feel better, lighter in the morning.

Get comfortable, hug your favorite pillow and get ready to have the best sleep of your life. Enjoy reading!

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