Green Lifestyle 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Green Living

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Green Lifestyle 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Green Living

The idea of living an eco-friendly lifestyle does not come as a surprise. Environmental issues keep popping out left and right and the demand for a sustainable living just keeps on growing each day. People finally understood that negligence towards our environment could lead to detrimental consequences that will only slap back to us if we don’t change our ways.

If you are interested in having an eco-friendly lifestyle, this article is for you.

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The famous mantra, reduce, reuse and recycle is fundamental for everyone who wants to go green.  There are thousands of things that we can do to help save our Mother Nature. Most of them benefit people, in addition to helping the planet.

You can begin by observing your daily habits and purchases. Find out if there is something permanent in the household items that you could use instead of buying disposable versions. Be mindful of your garbage disposal (basic), practice segregating the waste materials properly (biodegradable and nonbiodegradable). Once you successfully make a mental shift of a not-in-my-backyard approach, you’ll be ready for the next stage in green living.

2. Food Choice

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This part is not about buying tofu and organic products. The ideal thing to do for beginners is to shop at a farmer’s market for fruits and vegetable supplies. The products that they sell on a farmer’s market is not only cheaper but also healthier and safer.

Eat a vegan dinner once a week. Avoid fast foods,  overly-packaged and processed junk foods, if possible, cut back on soda too. There’s no need for you to do it all at once, make it gradual by going on “100% whole food” once a week to start.

3. Shopping


Apparently, buying eco-friendly beds on sale will not save the planet, but green consumption is helping to promote green living.

For beginners, look for organic, fair trade and eco-friendly labels and certification on the products that you will buy. Try to buy local produce, dairy, and meat as much as possible. Refrain from buying “fast fashion” and needless gadgets that are cheap but falls apart right away. It should be quality over quantity.

Read your favorite books and magazines online, instead of buying the printed versions. Avoid using plastic, when there is an alternative solution available such as fiber, metal, wood or bioplastic.

4. Means of Transportation

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If the environmental effects of depleting petroleum reserves did not worry you in the past, the skyrocketing cost increase of petroleum gas might be the turning point for you. Besides, the political climate is not exactly friendly to gas prices.

For people who want to start green living, begin by exploring your options. If it’s possible to purchase a more fuel-efficient or hybrid car, do it. Take advantage of the mass transit if you have access to your area or if you have a handy bicycle available, use it. It’s not only good for the planet but also to your wallet as well.

5. Lifestyle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle correlates with the kind of lifestyle that you have. Look for lifestyle guides that address green solutions for every kind of lifestyle and goes beyond generic cliches. So, there’s no way for you to trade your SUV over a fuel-efficient vehicle, not a problem. Maybe you are into latest gadgets or a die-hard designer shoe person. Maybe you can’t give up your burgers, again that’s ok. There are green ways of doing things for every lifestyle.

For beginners, jot down the following, how often you eat out, how often you travel, how many family members or dependents you have, where you shop for food and clothing, household products and electronics. Making this list will give you an idea of your lifestyle.


Of course, old habits die hard. Green living is not a pastime that you want to indulge and let go after you get bored. It requires dedication and commitment. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is rewarding, you just have to get on the right footing and start your journey towards a healthier life. It’s never too late to begin. So, start now. Start living green.

Alyssa Prout

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