5 Awesome Apps to Help You Boost Your Health This Winter

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5 Awesome Apps to Help You Boost Your Health This Winter

It’s challenging to maintain a balanced lifestyle, especially during a pandemic. After all, how can you find the energy to get on the treadmill after doom-scrolling on Twitter? Fortunately, there are some apps you can use to help support your health and wellness even during the times when you’re lacking in self-care. Here are five cool apps you can use to help support your fitness, sleep schedule, and more.

1. SleepCycle

A good night’s sleep is vital to your health and wellness. Not only does sleep help to improve your mood, but it also reduces your risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease. Available for both iOS and Android, SleepCycle helps you track your quality of sleep and your sleeping heart rate. You can monitor your sleep patterns and keep track of disruptions like sleep talking and snoring. The latter can be especially important if you’re worried about sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

2. OneRx

Taking your prescription medication is important, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pricey. Made by prescription-drug analytics company Truveris, OneRx gives you the ability to lower your prescription costs by scanning discounts and coupons. It also connects to your health insurance provider so you won’t be charged an incorrect co-pay. 

What’s more, OneRx lets you know about potential restrictions your health insurance provider might have before going to the pharmacy. For instance, even if you have a fever between 100.4F and 104F, you may need a doctor’s referral for a COVID-19 test or else your insurance provider may not cover it.

3. MySugr

For those living with diabetes, it’s important to monitor the foods you’re eating so you can keep a close eye on your blood glucose levels. Free and available on both iOS and Android, MySugr gives you the ability to log what foods you’ve eaten and the amount of sugar you’ve consumed so you can adjust future meals. You can also get advice from diabetes experts for an additional fee.

4. Couch to 5K

Adults who do more than seven hours of physical activity a week have a longer life expectancy, but it can be tricky to find the motivation to get up and get moving when you’re still a beginner. Couch to 5K is one of those apps looking to help guide you along your journey from beginner to beast. This app, available on both iOS and Android, provides you with an eight-week program to prepare you for a 5K.

You can repeat sessions in the app to help build up your strength and stamina before you move on to the next level, too, so you can work at your own pace. What makes Couch to 5K great is that, because it’s focused on running, you can use it while still maintaining social distancing guidelines so you don’t have to worry about putting your health or the health of others at risk.

5. Sworkit

It can be tricky to find a workout app that offers videos and options that work for your schedule. Even worse is when an app you love ends up deleted from Apple App and Google Play stores. The good news is that Sworkit gives you all the options you need to fit fitness into a busy schedule. Whether you’re looking for a full hour of yoga or five minutes of strength training, Sworkit provides an on-screen trainer for 20 different types of workouts.

From monitoring your blood sugar to boosting your cardio, apps can come in handy for improving your overall health. Try some of the apps above to help improve your wellness this winter.

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