Improve Your Sexual Health with These Apps

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Improve Your Sexual Health with These Apps

Didn’t you think that there will be an app to help you improve your sexual health? There’s an app for everything, and it’s no surprise that you can improve or just keep yourself updated with what’s going on with your health, whether physically, sexually, or mentally, with an app on your phone. It was only a matter of time until someone created an app that can help you change the way you deal with sexual health.

We’ve compiled seven exciting apps you can use on your smartphones to stay on peak performance:

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MyPill Birth Control Reminder

Being mindful and remembering to take your birth control pills is among one of the hassling things about the pill, no matter how liberating the pill is. For a lot of us to lead a hectic life, it can come to a point where we end up forgetting to take the pill, which is why the MyPill app is a life-saving tech on our mobile devices.

This app is available on the Android and iOS platform, and once you’ve downloaded it, just input the information requested such as how many active pills you have in your pack, your period cycle, and the time of day you prefer a reminder, and the app dutifully reminds you to take your birth control pills.

Keep in mind that birth control pills are effective when they are taken every day. Progesterone-only pills and low-dose pills need to be taken every single day, at the same time, to be the most effective.

This app helps you in doing just that. This app has a ‘Prediction’ feature, which allows you to plan your vacation according to your period cycle. You can also use the Planner feature to schedule annual checkups and track your pill packs, so you know when’s the next time you should purchase new ones.

Price: Free on the App Store & Android Play Store


An unexpected period arrival can ruin your day, especially when you’re not prepared, have no sanitary pads or tampons on hand, and when you’re on holiday, not to mention ruining a favorite outfit. With over 10 million active users, Clue is one of the most popular period tracker apps. It’s also an inclusive app with sex education information built into it, so you have easy and informative explanations on the go.

To use the app, you need to input information such as the dates of your last period, so that the app can predict your next cycle more accurately. You can also track many other forms of data, such as your period cramps and sex drive. You can share this data with your partner if you want.

Price: Free on the App Store & Android Play Store


If you’re experiencing fertility issues, then download the Glow app. Since its launch in 2014, Glow has claimed credit for 25,000 successful pregnancies. The app tracks your menstrual cycle similarly to Natural Cycles and Clue.

The difference here is that this app is focused on helping people conceive by assessing other fertility signs, such as cervical mucous viscosity, to identify your most fertile days. It also provides other options such as prime ovulation days notifications, allows tracking of male and female health and fertility data, as well as provides support for those going through fertility treatments.

Price: Free on the App Store & Android Play Store

Let Them Know

This isn’t an app, but an online service that’s extremely useful in situations where you need to inform your former or current sexual partners that they should get an STD checkup. If you’ve done a checkup and you find out that you have an STI, then the responsible thing to do would be to inform your past and present partners and encourage them to get tested.

Let Them Know makes this process easier and prevents awkward conversations, especially with former partners. This website is developed by the Melbourne Sexual Health Center, and there’s advice about considering which is the best way to inform – SMS, email, or letter. The website also tells you that most people prefer to be told in person.

Natural Cycles

Only recently approved by the American Food & Drug Administration, the Natural Cycles app is the first app that received an FDA seal of approval as a tested and approved contraceptive method.

The app tracks information on ovulation cycles by way of body temperature using a basal thermometer, as well as your menstrual cycle information. It then gives you information on your most and least fertile days, when ovulation is happening (which means contraceptive is vital), and days when ovulation isn’t taking place (which means contraceptive isn’t as vital).

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean zero unwanted pregnancies. Users of the app have reported that this is always not the case, so you should proceed with caution. It’s not a recommended method for those who are extremely averse to pregnancy. Also, this app isn’t a protection against STI, so if you’re sexually active and have more than one sex partner, use a condom.

Price: Free on the App Store & Android Play Store


Ruby offers a more robust and well-rounded health tracker. This app is from the creators of Glow, and it’s designed for people who want to track their fertility for the specific reason to become pregnant.

Using this app allows users to get information on questions related to birth control, flirting, and sexual preferences. Ruby has a community that helps with their own personal experiences. Included with that is also the convenient period tracker and even a tracker for sexual encounters – how did you feel after sex?

You can also use this app to track your moods after your sexual encounters, as well as when you’re on your period. There’s also fun Sexy Quizzes you can take on the app.

Price: Free on the App Store & Android Play Store

My Sex Doctor

My Sex Doctor is another app that can help with your conceiving attempts, fertility windows, and so much more. This app provides sex education with a built-in sex dictionary that covers various topics such as consent, relationships, puberty, contraception, and even where to get tested for STIs.

The app also provides information on purchasing herpes virus test kit, chlamydia testing kits, and so on. All this information is available to you with just the tap of your smartphone to be informed at your own pace and needs. This app is ideal for anyone, from teens to adults.

Final Thoughts

 Take control of your sexual health now by downloading an app that best fits your needs. All of the apps featured here are free!




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