The Best Exercises to Add to Your At Home Workout

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The Best Exercises to Add to Your At Home Workout

You really want to be a regular at the gym and even have a 6-month membership in place. However, time is often against your will! You’re either late from work, social meetings, or other unexplainable stuff.

Don’t stress out. The fancy gym equipment at the gym is not the only thing that can help you work out effectively. With simple at-home workout exercises, and maybe some extras like a foam roller or pain relief kit, you can compensate for the hours you miss at the gym.

Try out these workouts:


You don’t need a treadmill to burn calories. Your legs and a comfortable pair of running shoes are enough. Jogging and running are one of the best forms of cardio exercises.

A natural run is more challenging and ends up burning extra calories when you’re a disciplined runner. Most athletes don’t do spot training.

Running and jogging are also great ways to get your mind off things. They can be beneficial for your mental health improvement when at a place like an alcohol detox center.


Squats are some of the best at-home workouts. They are easy to do, although there are difficult versions that you’ll learn as you progress. They help in working out your leg muscles, lower back, and hips.


These exercises are suitable for working out your legs and helping with body balance improvement. As you move up and down while only bending one knee, the exercise promotes functional movement. It increases the strength of your leg muscles and hips.

You can do spot lounges (on one spot) or walking lunges. You can even carry some weight while doing the walk lunges to exert more force on your muscles.

30 Day CutPushups

Pushups are a fun form of exercise for most people. They may be hard at the beginning for some individuals, but they get easier with practice.

Pushups are very basic yet super-effective. They exercise a whole range of body muscles, including those in the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. Modified forms of pushups help with abs and back muscles as well.

Squat Jumps

When you have mastered doing normal squats, you can progress to jump squats. You’ll need to start slow so that you can get comfortable with the jumping and landing. A wrong landing can lead to an ankle twist.

When your jumping and landing skills become perfect, increase the intensity of the workout. Jump squats will work out most of your body muscles and help you burn a ton of calories.


This is one of the most intense but super-effective body exercises. It’s among the top draining activities for people doing aerobics. It works out the whole body and enhances your muscle strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Crunches and Situps

Situps help with abdominal and back muscles. But, don’t be one of those people who obsess with situps as a way of acquiring abs. It takes more than just that to have a six-pack.

If you have back problems, do crunches as they only require you to move your shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Try These At Home Workout Exercises!

These basic at-home workout exercises will help you stay fit while away from the gym. Remember, you need to keep a healthy diet for effective workout results. Read on to find more topics on how to stay healthy!


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