Fissure Sealant: Why Do You Need It?

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Fissure Sealant: Why Do You Need It?

One of the most popular types of preventative dentistry is fissure sealant. This is a type of thin coating that can be applied to the teeth. It is typically put along with the back teeth, where there are pits or fissures in the surface of the tooth. You can benefit from getting fissure sealants for several reasons.

Reduce the Risk of Cavities

Of course, the main benefit of a fissure sealant is that it prevents cavities from forming. The sturdy sealant material keeps bacteria from flourishing in all the crevices along molars and other wider teeth in the mouth. In the two years after a dental sealant is applied, people have 80 percent fewer cavities than they otherwise would. Even six years after they have been applied, dental sealants still cut your chances of developing a cavity in over half. The results are particularly impressive in younger children who may not be experts at brushing their teeth yet. Research has found that between the ages of six to 11, children without sealants get three times as many cavities as children with a sealant.


Preserve the Structural Integrity of Teeth

You might be wondering why it is so important to prevent cavities if modern dentistry makes it easy to fill in cavities all the time. The problem with filling in a cavity is that drilling and filling in a tooth compromise the natural structure of the tooth. For the rest of a person’s life, they may have to work on maintaining their filling or their tooth implant. It is always better to have a tooth without a cavity instead of a tooth with a cavity filling. Sealants that are regularly maintained can help to prevent a majority of cavities, so your teeth remain intact. This gives you solid, strong teeth that will be there to chew all sorts of tough, crunchy, and chewy foods!


Save Time at the Dentist

Dental sealant is a fairly fast and quick procedure. Once the sealant is applied to your tooth, a special curing light can help the sealant harden. Most people are done after just a few minutes. This makes sealant a good choice for busy people who do not have hours to spend at the dentist. Instead of having to spend a bunch of time getting cavities fixed, you can just take a half hour to get sealant applied and protect your teeth for years to come.

Prevent Pain

Between 9 to 20 percent of people avoid visiting the dentist because they are afraid it will be painful. Dental sealants are a great way to address these fears. The procedure itself is entirely pain-free. Applying the sealant just feels like something is brushing along the surface of your tooth with less pressure than a normal toothbrush. Then once the sealant is applied, you can avoid cavities. You do not have to worry about going to the dentist to have cavities drilled away or heavy plaque build-ups scraped off of your teeth. You also do not have to end up with cavities that make it hurt whenever you eat, drink, or move. Instead, you can enjoy having strong, healthy teeth without any discomfort.


Keep Your Tooth Enamel From Wearing Away

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body creates, but unfortunately, it cannot be regrown. Once your tooth enamel is stripped away from things like over brushing your teeth or drinking acidic beverages, it is gone for good. This can lead to unpleasant pain and increased infection risks for the rest of your life. Fortunately, fissure sealant is a good solution to this problem. Anywhere it is applied, the enamel underneath the tooth is preserved from daily wear and tear. This helps your teeth stay strong and healthy thanks to their protective coating.

Save Money

Dental sealants are a very cost effective way of taking care of your teeth. Paying a few dollars to seal a tooth now can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in future repairs and tooth care. According to a report from the CDC, each tooth that a person seals saves them $11 in dental treatment costs. This adds up to an impressive amount of savings when you consider that the typical family may have 80 to 100 teeth sealed in total. Altogether, the CDC estimates that implementing more widespread fissure sealant programs could save the public health system $300 million in dental costs.


Avoid Tooth Loss

Fissure sealants are often promoted as a good way of protecting teeth when children are too young to brush, but they are actually helpful for people of all ages. Seniors are particularly at risk for tooth loss, and arthritis and other conditions can make it hard to care for their teeth. A good dental sealant means seniors do not have to work quite as hard to maintain their oral hygiene. This helps to prevent bacterial buildup, infections, and cavities that can lead to tooth loss. People who choose to get sealants can look forward to their golden years without worrying about tooth loss that can affect their self-esteem, make it hard to eat, and create difficulties when speaking.

If you want these benefits for you or your family, Newnham Family Dental is here to help. Our talented and friendly staff can apply sealants in just minutes, so you can protect your teeth for years. Call our dentist Newnham Mount Gravatt office today to set up your appointment.


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