What You Have to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Wedding Theme

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What You Have to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Wedding Theme

Themed weddings can be fun, beautiful and a great way to reflect the essence of the happy couple. However, they can also end up requiring more work (and money!) than you initially expected.

We’ve put together a list of questions you have to ask yourself before picking a wedding theme. By answering these easy questions you will come up with a theme that reflects you and your partner, is easy for your guests to be involved in, and will be easy and affordable to achieve. 

What does it mean to you? 

There’s a difference between simply liking a theme and really loving it. A wedding theme should excite you, inspire you, and be a reflection of you and your partner. Have a chat with your partner about your lives together and what kind of theme would be a perfect summation of you both. Perhaps you both love vintage clothing and trawling the vintage shops together. In this case, a perfect theme for you would be vintage! You could find a selection of unique, vintage wedding dresses and encourage your guests to dress in vintage wares too. Think about something you both love and find a way to turn it into a simple theme.

Will it be easy to pull off? 

Some themes are lovely as ideas, but in reality, they’re very hard to pull off. If your theme is obscure or extremely detailed, it might take a huge amount of time, money, and planning in order to pay off. Any theme which requires very specialized venues, entertainment, wedding dresses, catering, and decor can sometimes be more trouble than they’re worth. Choose something which can be designed and completed with relative ease. 

How costly will it be? 

Cost is a major factor when picking a wedding theme. Does your theme require you to add more features and details than you would with a simpler theme? For example, if you decide on a big, medieval-themed wedding with specialty marquees, custom-made dresses, and themed decorations imported from overseas…you’re going to be facing a heavy bill. Unless you have the resources and money to go all out, shuffle your decision toward a more cost-friendly theme. 

Will your guests be able to easily join in? 

You really don’t want your wedding guests excitedly opening their wedding invitations, only to read that they must invest in a very niche dress code. Wedding guests are more than happy, and often very willing, to get involved in the spirit of the wedding, including the theme. Make it easy and affordable for them to support you and your partner by giving them a theme that is easy to adhere to.

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. For example, imagine reading a wedding invitation stating “our wedding is Star Wars themed…so everyone come as their favorite character…”. Unless you share the same enthusiasm as the betrothed couple, you’re likely to feel a little unsure and even embarrassed about finding and wearing a suitable costume. But if you were invited to a 1950s-themed wedding, for example, you could find an outfit that is both comfortable and fitting to the theme.

Keep your theme simple and allow your guests to have their own interpretation.

Will your theme stand the test of time? 

Be wary of choosing themes which are very trendy at the time. Themes that come and go maybe lovely at the time but can seem a little dated when looking back at photos over time. Imagine ten years into the future and you’re looking through your wedding photos. Are you going to scratch your head and think “hmm, why did I choose that particular theme?”. 


Your themed wedding is sure to be incredible and memorable as long as you’ve thought about it thoroughly before you start planning. Be honest with yourself about whether it will be easy to pull off if it will be affordable to achieve and if it’s going to be easy for your guests to contribute to. Once these questions have been cleared up…have fun planning your themed wedding!

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