Going to the Beach? Don’t Forget to Do These 7 Things First

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Going to the Beach? Don’t Forget to Do These 7 Things First

Summer is right around the corner, and with that comes vacations to the beach. Many women love going to the beach to have fun in the water or simply soak in the sun’s rays while lying on a towel or beach chair. Regardless of the various activities you enjoy, there are a few aspects to take care of before heading to the beach. Below is a closer look at 7 things to consider and preparations to make before heading out to the beach.

Prepare Yourself

This area is mostly geared towards women because they are in bathing suits. Many women do not like body hair, so when wearing a bathing suit, they feel like they must get rid of their body hair. Many people turn to Nacach waxing products to get the job done at home instead of paying ridiculous salon prices. Popular areas many women wax are their legs, arms, upper lip, underarms, and bikini area.

If you choose to wax, make sure you let your body hair grow a minimum of two weeks before you wax. This is to ensure the hair is a minimum of a quarter inch so that the hair shaft and follicle are easily pulled out, leaving your skin smoother and exfoliated. Make an appointment for yourself to wax a day or two before (assuming you have been letting your hair grow out for two weeks) the start of your vacation.

Stock up on Sun Screen

You must utilize sunscreen when you are outside for long periods, especially if you have younger children. The sun’s rays are very damaging to the skin, causing premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Not only that, but skin cancer is a real possibility when people do not protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

For daily use, sunscreen with SPF 30 is recommended. For more extended periods outside, turn to SPF 50 or higher. Many facial moisturizers have SPF in them as well as body lotion. Make sure you apply the sunscreen correctly and wait a minimum of 15 minutes before you get into the water. You want to make sure the sunscreen has had enough time to be absorbed by your skin.

Snacks and Drinks

A day at the beach makes everyone hungry and thirsty, especially if you have smaller kids with you. Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks available for everyone, especially if you are going to be there all day long. Make sure you have plenty of fruits, salty snacks, water, juice, adult beverages, and sandwiches. This way, you don’t have to waste any money on beach vendors and can bypass any long lines.

Besides fruit, other tasty snacks include granola bars, cheese sticks, carrots, celery sticks, chips, crackers, and more. Bring foods everyone will enjoy, as this is a beach vacation. Remember to include small plastic bags so that you can easily throw items away without littering on the beach.

Bring Baby Powder With You

Everyone hates the long walk back to the car, especially with all the sand stuck to your legs and feet. Families spend countless minutes trying to rid everyone’s feet of the sand so it is not brought into the car. However, as hard as they try, sadly, and still make their way into the vehicle. Luckily, using baby powder is a great tip to get the sand off your legs and feet. Simply shake it on your body parts and watch the sand magically disappear.

Pack More Than One Swimsuit

Putting on a wet swimsuit is not fun. To avoid this, pack extra swimsuits for you and your family to take along in case you decide to go to the beach a couple of times during the day. For spontaneous trips, extra swimsuits will allow you to be comfortable without having to wash and dry the suits before your family can wear them again. It is recommended that you take a minimum of three swimsuits per person. If you do not have three, have at least two options available.

Bring Music

When you do not have smaller children with you, a beach day means plenty of time to relax. What better way to do that than by lying out in the sun and listening to your favorite music while enjoying a cold adult beverage? Music is a great way to keep a group of people entertained. You can do this by purchasing a waterproof, radio powered by batteries. Another option involves waterproof Bluetooth speakers so that you can connect them to your phone.

Take Some Activities

Families with younger children must bring along beach toys and activities they can do when they are not swimming. For example, beach toys include shovels and pails so they can build sandcastles or dig large holes in the sand. Many kids also love to look for seashells. Beach balls, inner tubes, and floats are other items you should bring for your kids’ entertainment. Most importantly, do not forget the life jackets.

If this is a beach vacation, make sure you bring an activity to occupy the time that is not spent with others. For example, a good book, an e-reader, crossword puzzles, Sudoku books, magazines, and so much more are great options. If you take a tent to the beach, or a canopy (click here to see some examples), you can lie down and take some time to yourself away from the sun. Talking with your spouse or friends on the beach is fun, but making time for yourself is highly recommended.

A beach vacation is a fun and relaxing time to get away from your normal life. If planned correctly, a beach vacation does not have to be complicated. If you have smaller kids with you, make sure you pack everything they will need to spend a day at the beach. If it is an adults-only trip, that makes things a lot easier, and a lot of packing is not needed. However, make sure you have everything you and your spouse need to have an enjoyable and relaxing day at the ocean.



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