Common Difficult Situations With Weight Loss and How To Deal With Them

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Common Difficult Situations With Weight Loss and How To Deal With Them

Do you hate how your clothes fit? Is your body making you feel embarrassed because of the excess weight you’ve accumulated for the past couple of years? Do you shy off whenever someone wants to take a pic of you? Have you tried to shed those extra pounds only to realize your efforts are bearing no fruits? All these scenarios may make weight seem a very complex task, but this is not true.

Shedding off those extra pounds may not be as difficult as you think. You may have read tons of information about what you’re supposed to do to get rid of those extra fats. However, you should also consider the things that you should avoid and find out an effective weight loss program.

Here are some common difficult situations that hinder weight loss and effective tips on how to deal with them.



Gaining weight and depression are intertwined problems that are very common in our times. Most individuals, particularly women, can wreak havoc on their bodies whenever they feel low or depressed. Depression brings about cravings for foods that are starchy, fatty, and full of sugar. Apart from craving and eating unhealthy foods, the type of medicine used to treat depression also contributes to weight gain. Drugs such as Zoloft Paxil and Prozac have been associated with weight gain in recent studies.

The constant rise of depression due to job-related issues among other factors has influenced most people to use these drugs, with some of them even abusing them to suppress their depression.

Avoiding depression in this era is hard, and losing weight when treating depression is even harder. But you can lose weight while overcoming depression by increasing the intensity of your daily exercises. This will speed up weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

A strict diet should also be adhered to. Ensure you stay away from carbs and other unhealthy fats which might slow down your weight loss process.

Moreover, treat yourself with positive emotions – go out with friends or family, travel, visit interesting places and so on.

Finally, find a weight loss goal and focus on it; this will play a big role in helping you to avoid destructions which may lead to depression.



People also tend to eat more whenever they feel lonely. Loneliness is an emotion that triggers cravings which might lead to overeating or craving for sugary and fatty foods. Overeating and sugary foods result in weight gain.

If you feel lonely, try diverting your loneliness to exercising and other physical activities. These include engaging in sports or going for a jog with friends. It’s a good way of curbing loneliness, and it will also keep you away from sweets, chocolates and ice creams.

You can also find blogs with people who overcame a similar problem and contact them for motivation. You can find their numbers, and use number lookup software to find their social media profiles, email addresses and so on.


Lack of motivation

Failing to lose weight despite trying all the most popular weight loss techniques may make you give up. Lack of motivation causes weight gain. One needs a support system that he/she can count on during his weight loss journey.

This kind of support system should help you overcome temptations while at the same time lending you an ear whenever you need motivation on losing weight and how good you look. Ensure your overall perception about life stays positive at all times. You can talk to a psychologist, family members or loved ones to find motivation during your weight loss process.

Using incorrect weight loss techniques

The most common reason why most individuals use wrong techniques when losing weight is the fear of commitment. By using incorrect weight loss techniques, you’re not allowing your body to shed off enough fat.

The solution to this is practicing to remain disciplined to a particular strategy of weight loss. Not all of the strategies you found on the Internet may help you. So next time you start a weight loss program, remember to ask a specialist to make a special schedule for you – meal diary and workouts. This program should be observed if you want to see the results.


When you’ve decided to change an aspect in your life, you’ll inevitably come across many challenges. Most people struggle to shed off weight because they lack patience and knowledge of what’s preventing them from losing weight. Look into your daily habits identify areas that need to improve. You may indeed be surprised to find some of the habits mentioned above are the ones preventing you from losing weight.

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